Beatz & Lyrics Show

BLITZ – 3/14/12: Steak & BJ Day

Dwele – “Flapjacks”

Federal Prisoners In West Virginia Roll Out MP3 Player 

President Obama’s Approval Ratings Up 50%

Should The NY Knicks Trade Carmelo Anthony To The Orlando Magic For Dwight Howard?

Miami Dolphins Chicago Bears Brandon Marshall Allegedly Punches Woman Outside Nightclub

Congolese Warlord Convicted Of Using Child Soldiers

New Syria Documentary Filmed Entirely On A iPhone

Hip-Hop Wired Presents: A Tribute To BET Uncut

8 Creepy Spy Technologies That Can Be Hitched To Your Neighborhood Drones

Linsanity Over? Jeremy Lin Merchandise Being Discounted In Stores

Dying Cancer Patient Kicked Out Of Hospital For Using Medical Marijuana

Cyborg Snails Power Up; Our Future Spies?

Losing Middle School Basketball Coach Bites Ear Off Winning Coach

Woman’s Group Calls For Sex Strike In Support For Contraception Coverage

Man Killed Trying To Buy Condoms

The Dwight Howard Saga In Orlando Reaches A Low Point

Man Busted For Hiding Listening Device Under Estranged Wife’s Bed

Doonesbury Calls Texas Abortion Law “Rape” In New Comic Strip

Why You Shouldn’t Retweet The Haters

Flavor Flav Opens New Restaurant In Las Vegas

iPad Pre Orders Sold Out

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Fight Over Wedding Gifts

Midwest Militia Group Had “Kill” List That Included Former U.S. Presidents

Encyclopedia Britannica Prints It’s Last Copy Of Encyclopedias

March Madness 2012 Bracket Maybe Good For Business

Bobbi Kristina Interview Delivers High Ratings For OWN

Steve Harvey Gets New Talk Show Set In Chicago

Shyne Ends Beef With P. Diddy

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