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Melo to the Nets?

Rumors of a Carmelo trade are starting to heat up with the New Jersey Nets and not the New York Knicks as the front runners to land the star forward. Carmelo has made known that he will not sign the contract extension offered by the Nuggets and plans to test the free agent market in the summer. Rumors have placed the Knicks as Melo’s first choice of teams he’d like to play for but the Knicks don’t seem to have trade pieces that the Nuggets are looking for, mainly young talent and draftpicks.

The Nets on the other hand are loaded with picks and young talent mainly Derrick Favors, which seems to be the centerpiece of a rumored 3-team 15 player trade involving the Nets, Nuggets, and Pistons. There are many moving pieces involved in this trade, one being veteran point guard Chauncey Billups who has made it known he has no interest in playing for the Nets. Chauncey has been playing good basket as of late earning Western Conference player of the week and keeping his team afloat as they battle injuries and a lack of depth.
We will see if this proposed trade goes through. Many people debate on Carmelo’s desire to play in New Jersey and if the Nets would give up so much for a player they are not sure they can sign for a long contract. After Orlando’s surprising massive deal it seems teams are less afraid to do deals even with the specter of a lockout looming.

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