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FKA twigs – “Hide” (Video)

For New Year’s Eve 2013, Young Turks threw a special party in Tulum, Mexico. Here, FKA twigs performs Hide amidst Mayan ruins.

Okay, so at one point in the recent GGN interview we posted (here) Snoop asked T-Pain about three artists he could not live without. Snoop has been on some Sade *ish, wanting to collab with the sizzling songstress for a while now… but Pain hit Snoop in the head with his first choice out the gate: FKA twigs. And they both went on tirade touting her; Pain even saying he’s worked with her (that she brought him back into music). Wow. Is it her music? Is it her look? Her presence?

Answer: YES!

Check this latest “Hide” performance video from producer/singer/songwriter FKA twigs out. Will leave your mouth hanging wide open. Well, it left me floored. ‘xscuse me for not knowing, FKA twigs.

And perhaps to get you further ‘open’… check out her concept video for “Hide” from a couple years back after the jump. WOW!


Born Tahliah Debrett Barnett of Gloucestershire, England (in 1988), FKA twigs has culled a career as an enigmatic singer/songwriter/dancer steadily adding to a solid track record in the alternative music realm. A very informative and well-sourced Wiki page reveals that Barnett is of Jamaican, English and Spanish heritage. Mm mm mm, and what a lovely heritage she has (wink). Having experienced enough early success under the name ‘twigs’ to tick off another artist using the same name, Barnett took the literal ‘Formerly Known As’ label and made it part of her professional moniker going forward. FKA twigs continues to get it popping with the alternative trip-hopping music with the British music imprint Young Turks to this day.

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