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Watch The Most Thorough In-Depth Analysis & ‘Easter Egg Hunt’ Ever Done On “The Matrix” (Video)

WOW! Now I need to get my hands on ALL the extended Matrix universe literature… and watch that ‘Ghost In The Shell’ anime.

The Matrix Full Movie Rewatch & Analysis! What hidden details did you miss from The Matrix when it premiered 20 years ago, and how did it influence all action & sci-fi cinema from Inception to John Wick? By popular demand, Erik Voss rewatches The Matrix (1999) for a scene-by-scene, in-depth breakdown, exploring the deeper philosophy of the Wachowskis’ cyberpunk concepts and secret subliminal messages that are only now being discovered. How does The Matrix opening scene discreetly foreshadow the major reveals later in the film — Cypher’s betrayal, Agent Smith’s uniqueness, and the movie’s groundbreaking action with wire-stunts, martial arts, firearm choreography, and “bullet time?” In what ways does The Matrix parallel its primary inspiration, Ghost in the Shell (1995)? And does The Matrix deserve its revered status, or was it merely overthought gun porn for anime-lovers who wear sunglasses inside Hot Topic? (What a dumb question!)
– New Rockstars

Full disclosure: I was really looking to see if Erik would at least mention the sista (Sophia Stewart) that said she came up with the whole idea for The Matrix. Nope. Wondered what ever came of all the legal biz? Oh well, this is still a great watch!


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