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Nick Grant – “Straight Up” feat. Tweet (Video)

Solid black-and-white concept vid from Nick Grant. Really like the themes surrounding true friendship trials constantly popping up on screen in there. Definitely have to expect true friends to keep it “Straight Up.” But er… I definitely expected to actually see Tweet in this. Good to hear from her on the track though.


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R&B/Soul: Tweet – “Enough”

TweetGood scoop from SoulBounce. Tweet is finally dropping her EP Simply Tweet after teasing us with weekly #TweetTuesdays leaks last summer. Tweet recently signed to MC Lyte’s DuBose Music Group. So… Lyte doing that work for the Jordan campaign… and the Tweet signing and coming release… Hmm. Nice moves.


Aspiring Rapper Tweets “YOLO” While Drunk Driving & Dies Minutes Later (Video)

Tragedy in 140 characters or less: “Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #FuckIt YOLO”
Those, in effect, were the last words of Ervin McKinness, a 21-year-old up-and-coming rapper, who died in a one-car crash that killed him and four others. Marquell Bogan, 23; Dylan George, 20; Jonathan Watson, 21; and JaJuan Bennett, 23 were also killed in the crash. There is no spin or new lesson here. You KNOW reckless, drunk driving is wrong. Though McKinness was NOT driving (according to the Huffington Post), you KNOW that texting and driving should NOT be done at the same time… whether it is against the law in your region or not. People… It’s true that you only live once; but by all means LIVE! Life is already risky and fragile. Driving 120… and driving drunk… adds deadly unnecessary risk. And in the midst of taking such risk, we certainly need not celebrate or tweet about it. In the postmortem, there is also no need to preach about it. It’s too late.

This is so sad. Rest In Peace, Young Brothers.
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R&B/Soul: Tweet – “Face To Face”

Tweet put out her fourth #TweetTuesdays release, “Face To Face.” She has a nice campaign going so far…due to the music she is dropping; not just because she is SO sexy. Well, okay, her being sexy helps…with me…a lot! Man, just listen and judge for yourself.


R&B: Tweet – “Trouble”

R&B singer Tweet releases the second installment to her #TweetTuesday series with this new joint called “Trouble”. Now this joint is appears to be an original song unlike the Aretha Franklin “Day Dreaming” remake she let loose on the web last week for #TweetTuesday. I’m feeling this joint right here & may have to add it to my itunes slow jam playlist. Another quality record that will have people looking forward to her next full-length project to be released on the L.A. based Dubose Music Group.