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Nitty Scott – “La Diaspora” feat. Zap Mama (Video)

I came across that “La Diaspora” video and watched, because Nitty, and thought, “This is HOT,” as usual. But there was something different.

Was it the next level production quality? Excellent work, for certain. Crisp visuals with pop and appeal ensure that concerns about the look do not keep viewers from seeing what you want them to see.

Was it the costuming? Casting? Sexy choreography? Well yes, hell yes, and double that with a sweet scoop of Nitzia in the middle (mercy)!

But there was something else. I think I was compelled to watch from the start because I wanted to see if what I think “La Diaspora” (and “La Negrita” in context) means to Nitty… and to me (“La Negro,” as it were).

Frame by frame, I watched. I think I got it: This cut is about us living – at play, at work, at worship – the way we could have been in a better way-back-when amongst the trees. Even deeper, this is about how we lived the life in THE SAME ANCESTRAL FAMILY TREE! OUR story of how we frolicked with no need for the brolic before the tree was cut down, chopped up, and dropped off in different worlds, worlds away.

I found myself watching to understand a new world, living in one of those worlds we have since convinced ourselves we are from, until I realized that I was getting a look at what was lost to us. But it is not a ‘weepy’ woe-is-me experience. Rather, I came to realize that we are one in the same. Only right to be led to that realization by the Afro-Latina emcee, right?

Black American, Black Latino, Black People… WE can take it back to Africa. The tree is still there. They didn’t get The “Roots” (get it?).

Of course, I could just enjoy the nice beat and nicer visuals. Because Nitty (fine af)! I could do that definitely. Just mulling over thoughts about the other stuff in here; determining if it sounds right in my head.

Also, I did not miss that “La Negrita” (e.g. Nitty) is “The Bold” either, by the way. This video is definitely that.


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