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Dayne Jordan – ‘LOST’ featuring Ebony Joi (Prod. By DJ Jazzy Jeff x James Poyser) [Video]

Can’t noooobody say Dayne don’t keep it Philly! He lassoed the fellow Philadelphans DJ Jazzy Jeff and James Poyser (of The Roots) for the production AND R&B singer Ebony Joi to do the honors on this beautiful track. I got wind of this from Dayne Jordan himself. He let me know he released a new song…“LOST.” I checked for it on his site. Boom. Doooope!

Shot the video (above) in Azerbaijan? Yeah, Dayne does world travel. Keeping it Philly doesn’t mean not getting your passport stamped.

Time ain’t money, and money ain’t time.
Truth. When money is lost, it ain’t hard to find.
Dayne Jordan

Message! Folks listen. This is the time. This is your life. Make it the time of your life. Now, the grind is the grind; and it will wear you down. And money is a LOUSY way to keep score in the game of life. Instead living to make millions (stay out the trap!), just live! Live your passion (not for your pockets), and win! When Ebony sings ‘there’s no place there for you…get away from there soon…’ it is real! Poverty had Dayne this close to choosing to chase cash instead of his dreams. Then where would he have ended up? Likely where broken people go to die; NOWHERE (the hell where broken spirits spend eternity)! Nah. Dayne had to go. Philly emcee turned world traveler (hitting all those ‘Vinyl Destinations’ with DJ Jazzy Jeff best believe)!


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