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J.Wise – “Gas No Breaks” (Video)

That hard boom-bap is what J. Wise is dropping on you in his single “Gas No Breaks.” Augmented by soulful vocal harmonization and this video with CRAZY twists, this release should not be missed. Got some bio info on J. Wise after the jump.


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A new schooler with an old soul, Brooklyn native J. Wise was moved to Florida at an early age in the wake of family tragedy. The shooting death of his brother drove his parents to move the family south to try to get away from the criminal element. Unfortunately, there was no amount of driving that would allow the family to get away from such ghetto realities. Bright side: His journey has lit a fire inside the BK emcee. Influenced by his life experiences, his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and the work of a range of  artists he admires (from Mozart to Nirvana, Sade to Jay Dilla, Biggie and Pac), J. Wise’s approach to his work in the studio is ‘well-informed’ to say the least. With a stated artistic goal of making a ‘timeless soundtrack’ this BK baby has hit the ground sprinting onto the plane of rap relevance.

“The more you think you know, the more you know that you know nothing. There’s more behind it, but I’d rather let the people figure it out by listening to the music.”

J. Wise

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