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Spoken Word Poetry: Prince Ea – “Michael Brown, Same Story” (Video)

Another timely find by our own @Carmen_Breezy.

Price Ea delivers a powerful spoken word piece (above) at the site of the shooting of Mike Brown, by officers to whom he was surrendering (e.g. putting his hands up). In short order, the Prince covers the angles… the humanity of the cops as well as the victim, the realization that rioting will not fix what is wrong in this case, and that maybe Brown was a robber caught by the authorities…maybe. But that was for a court to ultimately decide. And a court can’t rule if the accused is deceased. Now, the police would certainly not be held at fault for using lethal force if a suspect acts in a way that makes them feel they are in danger; but even civilians know a man putting his hands up is surrendering, not endangering anyone.

Matters not, because the police decided Brown’s fate that day. All we can do now is grieve and wonder. Sadly wonder.

Were this a rare instance – black male gets killed by cops – we might add shock to the grief and other feelings being suffered. But like Prince Ea poignantly points out: We are not even surprised anymore when this happens. In the grand scheme of things, that might be the saddest realization of all.

“Every few months it’s the same story…over and over…You remember Eric Garner.”

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