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Event: Yume Fest Atlanta

“This year marks the sixth year of operation for the global brand of YUME.  To commemorate its continuous contribution to the alternative urban market globally YUME will be launching the first annual YUME FEST, Atlanta. YUME FEST is a global grassroots festival that looks to support, celebrate, and redefine the vibrant “urban contemporary” music, art, and fashion community throughout the globe, and finds innovative ways of working together towards common goals.

It aims to shed light on the international bond the” YUME lifestyle” created by bringing
musicians, artists, and fashionistas from across the globe together to showcase their
talent, skill, and knowledge. We hope that each artist will share this experience with
youth, teens and adults alike while creating an international exchange of ideas and

Beginning in 2005 in NYC, YUME is a multi-platformed lifestyle brand that looks to
create avenues for independent thinkers to live and experience their dreams.
Encompassing Music, Art, and Fashion, YUME strives to provide unique services,
products and programming while redistributing all things Music, Art, and Fashion into the
community. These components help to harnest The YUME Group’s unique approach to
providing the very best in event management, production and consulting into a tangible
lifestyle that all walks of life can be apart of. Through innovative and diverse
programming, inspiring music, cutting edge design, and building a global community, we
hope to create a timeless warp of artistic exchange.

YUME FEST ATLANTA will take place on September 9th – 10th 2011 at Apache Cafe.

“We want to celebrate and show our deep appreciation to all of the amazing people that
have supported us throughout the years, and continue to return to help in our continuous
evolution. In these tough times, it’s good to know we can depend on our YUME family to
continue to support and allow us to bring quality events, products, and services to the
community that keeps the market thriving, while creating a platform for indie musicians,
visual artists, and designers to show their work and thrive globally. We are here to build
a bridge between cities throughout the globe from NYC. YUME FEST will help with this process and create a viable pipeline into every sub-cultural hub across the world. It will

–Michael Peterson aka YUME Mike, Head Member & CEO – The YUME Group

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