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Lifestyle Blogger ‘Genese Jamilah’ Speaks on Why “I Don’t Do Clubs”

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 3.33.06 PMHere at JAYFORCE.COM we have no problem telling you about other great sites to check out. One of my favorites is or IDDC for short. A friend of mine sent me a link to one of their stories about black owned Restaurants here in Atlanta, GA. I was impressed with the list and took the time to surf the site. Great events and alternatives to the nightclub life. So I reached out to the editor in chief and founder of the site Genese Jamilah. She took some time from her day to speak with me about why she does not do clubs. She also shares details about an upcoming event she has planned here in Atlanta. So enjoy this interview and stay tuned because we will be doing an upcoming post dedicated entirely to her Must Love Beards event happening here in Atlanta. We will also be giving away two free tickets for one of our lady readers of the site!

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ArtByOdell: Let the people know, who are not familiar what is all about?
Genese:I DON’T DO CLUBS is a blog that caters to Black professionals who are looking for social events beyond the typical nightclub scene.

ArtByOdell: How do you go about finding great places & events besides the clubs?
Genese: Lots of Black professionals are also over the club scene. As such, I receive dozens of event submissions weekly for brunches, day parties, after work mixers, fashion shows, and career fairs.

ArtByOdell: How do you go about keeping a certain standard level with your site with so many people being successful promoting drama?
Genese: I personally approved all the events that are featured on IDDC. For social media, I love my delete and block buttons 🙂

ArtByOdell: Let the people know about “Must Love Beards”?
Genese: Must Love Beards is a day party series for men with beards and the ladies who love them. We treat the men with free admission.

ArtByOdell: How are you able to get such a great mixture of young urban professionals under one roof?
Genese: I think people really respect IDDC and know that it’s going to be a good time with great music and no drama. I use several different marketing techniques to make sure the room is filled with beautiful Black people.

Purchase ticket link for Must Love Beards Day Party ATL | No-Shave November Tour:


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