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South Africa’s ‘Nonku Phiri’ Is A New Artist To Watch

Last year I touched down in South Africa for the first time ever. Whenever I visit any country I always keep my eyes & ears open to new music & talent. A month or two after I had already left I heard a song from a female artist that I thought was rather dope & tried to track down more of her music to get it on my ipod. The song I had been looking for was called “Zooot” by a young female artist by the name of ‘Nonku Phiri’ who is a native of Capetown, South Africa. I could tell she has plenty of raw natural talent & I’ve even peeped some of her stuff that appeared to be freestyles of unfinished work but sounded like it was fleshing out well. She’s been writing her own songs from what I’ve learned. A few of the songs I heard sounded like freestyles over the popular UK Garageband sounds but I get the impression ‘Nonku Phiri’ has immense potential to be successful on a variety of soundscapes. Recently she linked up with DJ Rasta Root & there’s talk of them possibly doing an EP together. I’ve been telling Rasta Root I think she could make some impact beyond South Africa on an international type level. With quality production & the right songs in this internet based era she could generate more fans tracking down her work the same way I sought out this particular Hip Hop Soul joint from her called “Zooot”. Follow Nonku Phiri on twitter at @nonkulululu


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