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BLITZ – 11/14/11: Monday CheckUp

It’s Monday & time for you just step right on up & take a closer look at today’s BLITZ. News & information from around the world in just a few clicks. We promise we won’t bite you or anyone else for that matter….Get closer to your world.


NBA Commish David Stern Says The “NBA Is Finished Negotiating”

The NBA Players Union Has “Beef” With The Latest Offer

522 Million People Could Have Diabetes By 2030

Former Ghadafi Aide Says Sex With Him Caused Many Women To Have Internal Injuries

Protesting Students Begin To Leave Their Dorm Rooms & “Occupying” Suburban Mansions

Judge Who Set Bail For Penn State Coach Sandusky Used To Volunteer For His Charity

Bystander Psychology: Why Some Witnesses To Crime Do Nothing

Starbucks Enters The Juice Business

Boxer Oscar De La Hoya Accused In Another Weird Sex Scandal Of Cross Dressing & Sex Toys

More Than Half Of China’s New Millionaires Have Moved Or Are Considering Moving From China

5 New Apple Rumors: iPhone5, iPad3, & Apple TV Take Center Stage

How Music Is Playing An Integral Role In The Occupy Wall Street Protests

41 Year Old Mother Forced Her 10 Year Old Daughter To Pose Nude For A Man On Skype

Controversial End To The Pacquaio Vs. Marquez Fight Saturday With Pac Winning By Decision

Why Many People Are Switching From Banks To Joining A Credit Union

3,000 Police Officers & Soldiers Make A Sweep Through The Favelas Of Rio De Janiero Brasil

Critics Review The New #1 Film In The Country – “The Immortals”

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