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BLITZ – 12/16/14: Watch The News

we want you to think newsKRS-ONE – “Disaster Kit”


Beverly Johnson Appears On ‘The View’; Says Bill Cosby Drugged Her

Camille Cosby Defends Her Husband Bill Describing Him As ‘Kind, Generous’

Parents Of North Carolina Teen Found Hanging Believes He Was ‘Lynched’

Dr. Dre Leads Forbes’ 2014 List Of World’s Highest-Paid Musicians

Comedian Dave Chappelle Says He Was Choked By The Police In New Orleans

A Guide To Philadelphia Brothels – Circa 1849

The Mysterious Rise Of The Non-Working Man

Inside The Lifetime Whitney Houston Movie’s Lesbian Lover Storyline

People Can Clone Their Dogs In South Korea For $100,000

How School Suspensions Disproportionately Target Black Girls

UK Singer Sam Smith & Taylor Swift Are The Only Performers To Go Platinum In 2014

Al Pacino Speaks On His Great Roles, Frustrations With Fame, & His Return in ‘The Humbling’

Former Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Says He Doesn’t Miss Playing For The Team

BMW to Demonstrate ‘Remote Valet’ Self-Parking Car

Undocumented Immigrants Flock To Get Driver’s Licenses Under New California Law

How Runaway Economic Inequality & Racism Are Linked To Police Killings

Scientists Develop A Soft, ‘Smart’ Skin That Could Revolutionize Prosthetics

The Navy’s New Robot Looks & Swims Just Like A Shark

BLITZ – 9/25/14: Loot Juice

Loot JuiceeBob Marley – “Burnin & Lootin”


Justice Department Investigating Ferguson Police Department As New Unrest Develops

South Carolina Trooper Fired For Shooting Unarmed Black Man During Traffic Stop

South Philly’s Amber Rose Files For Divorce From Rapper Wiz Khalifa

New Video Released Of An African-American Man Killed At Wal-Mart Holding A Toy BB Gun

Woman Sues Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Alleging Sexual Assault

‘Black-ish’ And The Color Of Money

Saints QB Dree Brees Critical Of Roger Goodell & NFL’s Lack Of Transparency

CHP To Pay $1.5 Million In Federal Lawsuit After Officer Beat & Punched A 51-Year-old Woman

The Pre-Huxtable Golden Age Of The Black Family Sitcom

Shane Smith, Founder Of VICE MEDIA Explains Its Evolvution To TV & Covering War Zones

Magic Johnson Says Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry Deserves A Second Chance

Virginia Airlines Flight Diverted After Masturbating Passenger Tries To Open Emergency Door

Outkast’s Andre 3000 Speaks On His Starring Role Portraying Jimi Hendrix

Lawyer For Florida State QB Jameis Winston Says He Was Being Extorted By His Accuser

Half Of Adults Don’t Believe In The American Dream; 72% Believe We’re Still In A Recession

ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons For Profanity-Laced Comments On NFL Commish Roger Goodell

U.S. To Pay Navajo Nation $554 Million In Largest Tribal Settlement In History

Televangelist Pat Robertson Goes Off On TV Viewer Who Wants To Tax Churches

Facebook’s Wi-Fi Drones The Size Of A 747 Could Be In The Air By 2015

Apple Fixing iOS 8 update Bug Plaguing iPhone6 & iphone6 plus

Stephen Colbert & John Stewart Take On The American War Machine

BLITZ – 8/4/14: Dark & Alienated

BuIoeTNIEAA_JMoOutkast – “ATLiens” (1996)


Outkast, Eminem, Nas, & More Entertain Over 300,000 Fans At Lollapalooza In Chicago

Anonymous Declares Cyber War On Israel; Brings Down Mossad Site & Many Others

Millennials, Outraged Over Israel’s Role In Gaza Rejects Washington’s Reflexive Support

Cleveland Cavaliers Coach David Blatt Says Israel’s War Against Hamas Is Justified

Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Film Breaks Box Office Records With $94 Million Opening

Actor From HBO’s ‘The Wire’ Beaten & Stabbed Inside A Washington D.C. Nightclub

Indiana Pacers Star ‘Paul George’ Recovering After Gruesome Leg Injury In Las Vegas

400,000 People In Toledo, Ohio Told To Avoid Drinking Tap Water Containing Dangerous Toxins

Danny Trejo: From The Big House To The Big Screen (Audio)

Former Terror Squad Rapper ‘Remy Ma’ Plans To Restart Her Career After 6 Years In Prison

Africa’s Leaders Aim To Change The Perception Of The Continent

Anything You Spit Can Be Used Against You In Court: Rappers Arrested & Charged For Lyrics

Miami Heat’s Ray Allen Says He’d Be Content With Retiring, But Hasn’t Made a Decision

The Invincibility Streak Ends For USA Basketball Following Paul George’s Horrific Leg Injury

Europe’s Mars Rover Will Have A Sensor That Can Smell Life

HIV In America Has Disproportionately Hurt Blacks Even After Treatment

Elon Musk’s High Speed ‘HyperLoop’ Makes The Bullet Train Look Like A Loco-Motive

The Most Hated Sports Teams In America: The Complete SPORTS HATE MAP

People Are More Polyamorous Than You Think: Monogamy Believed To Be Rare New Concept

The Weird Reasons People Make Up False Identities On The Internet

The War on Sex Workers Escalates With FBI Shutdown Of MyRedBook

@Edwin_Lyngar: “I Was Poor, But A GOP die-hard: How I Finally Left The Politics Of Shame”

U.N. & Amnesty International Criticize U.S. Military Support For Israel

BLITZ – 7/31/14: Booger Basketball

Bn3EKxUIUAEwHAhBiz Markie – Pickin’ Boogers (1988)HEADLINES

The NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers Demand To Be Rewarded For Losing

Gaza Conflict: Israeli Shell Strike Hits U.N. School Killing 19 Who Sought Shelter

6 Philly Narcotics Cops Indicted For Robbing, Kidnapping, & Framing Drug Dealers

Atlanta Makes Top 10 List Of Cities For IT Work; Growth Expected To Continue

Debunking The Myths About Gaza: The Truth Behind Israeli & Palestinian Talking Points

Will Kevin Durant Leave OKC In 2016 & Go Back Home To Play For The Wizards in D.C.?

The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin Has ‘Beef’ After Getting Kicked Out Of Fast Food Joint

An American Doctor Sick With Ebola Is Now Fighting For His Life

Ass Milk Is The Drink Of Choice For European Babies & Elderly Chinese

Geraldo Rivera Receiving Backlash For His Controversial Comments On Marriage

What Science Says About Marijuana: Less Dangerous Than Alcohol & Tobacco

Actor Djimon Hounsou Speaks on ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ & ‘Fast & Furious 7’ in ATL

5 Armed People, Including A Security Guard, Busted In Caesars Atlantic City Heist of $181,000

Woody Allen Won’t Hire A Black Actor Unless He ‘Writes A Story That Requires It’

Jay Z & Beyonce Rumored To Be Getting A Divorce At The End Of Their ‘On The Run’ Tour

NFL Cracking Down On Racial Slurs This Season, But Still Has A Team Named After A Racial Slur

One Congressman Says A Wage Of $7.25 an Hour Is ‘Inadequate’ For Supporting A Family

Judge Who Had Affair With Witness In His Chambers During Child Support Case Can’t Be Sued

The Oakland Raiders Possibly Eyeing A Move To San Antonio, Texans Owner ‘Not Surprised’?

Pat Riley Says The Miami Heat Recovered Well After Lebron James Exit To Cleveland

BLITZ – 7/28/14: Weekend Over

Btbry8AIYAAT41QNew Edition – “Is This The End?”


A Creative Dad Just Made Water Balloon Fights Way More Efficient

Lebron James To Wear Number ’23’ For His Return With The Cleveland Cavaliers

NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Gets Detailed On Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

The World Cup In Brazil Is Over, But Many Visitors To The Country Refuse To Go Home

Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay Hands Out $100 Bills To Fans At Training Camp

The U.S. Has A Huge Problem With ‘Mass Incarceration In America’

Stephen A. Smith To Host 1pm-3pm Sports Program On Sirius XM Radio

Eric Garner & The Plague Of Police Brutality Against Black Men

Researchers Say Decriminalizing Sex Work Is The Best Way To Combat HIV/AIDS

There Are Officially Too Many Apps & Nobody Is Making Money

The Idea For People To Beta-Test Marriages Is Gaining Support

Aaron McGruder’s Upcoming Comedy ‘Black Jesus’ Is Angering Christian Groups

The Minorities: Will Blacks In Iraq Ever Win Justice?

A New iPad App That Will Turn Your Selfies Into 3-D Images

Fist Bumping Is 20 Times Safer Than Shaking Hands If You’re Worried About Germs

Colleges & Universities Facing Issues With Where To House Their Transgender Students

UCONN Is Able To 3D Print Copies Of Antique Instrument Parts

British Inventor Creates Giant Buttocks To ‘Fart On France’ (Video)

Civil Rights Leaders Weigh In: Where Are The Black Internet Workers?

BLITZ – 2/25/13: Watch Your Back

Lmao - Bosh PaulRockwell – “Somebody’s Watching Me” feat. Michael Jackson


‘Argo’ Claims Best Picture At The Oscar Awards

Cuba’s Raul Castro Says The New 5-Year Term Will Be His Last Running The Country

President Obama Meets With African-American Leaders To Address Economic Concerns

MC Hammer Pulled Over & Arrested By ‘Chubby Elvis’

The Onion Under Fire For Calling 9-Year-Old Actress A ‘Cunt’ During The Oscars

iPHone Found To Be 300% More Reliable Than Samsung Smartphones

Woman Arrested For Having Sex With A PitBull

50 Cent Tries To Plant A Kiss On Sportsreporter Erin Andrews During Nascar Race

Manti Te’o’s Sexuality Remains The Elephant In The Room For NFL Scouts

Recruited By Police & Thrown Into Danger; Young Informants Are Latest Victims Of Drug Wars

How To Post To Facebook & Twitter After You Die

Jamie Foxx Tries To ‘Holla’ At Kelly Rowland On The Red Carpet Of The Oscars

Floyd Mayweather Gets A Birthday Cake With His Face On A $1,000 Bill

FBI Battling A ‘Rash Of Sexting’, Nudity, & Wiretapping Among It’s Employees

Landlord Whips His Tenant’s ‘Bare Buttocks’ With A Belt Over A Late Rent Check

Apple Rumors: What The Apple iWatch Slap Bracelet Will Look Like

Inside The Most Expensive Home In Atlanta

BLITZ – 2/14/13: Nuttin’ Butt Love

0x0_3198423Heavy D – “Nuttin’ But Love”


The FDA Expected To Approve The First Bionic Eye In The U.S.

Lawyer Convicted Of Murdering EX-NBA Player Eddy Curry’s Infant Daughter & Girlfriend

Actor Steve Martin Becomes A Dad For The First Time At The Age Of 67

NY Teenager Who Yelled At Cops Is Beaten & It’s Caught On Tape

Carjacking Victim Says EX-LAPD Cop Christopher Dorner Was ‘Calm’ & Didn’t Want To Hurt Him

Kentucky Freshman Basketball Star Nerlens Noel Done For Season With Torn ACL

Christopher Dorner’s Ex-Girlfriend Says She ‘Sort Of Expected’ Violence

Apple Cutting Prices On It’s MacBooks

Newark Man Forced To Strip Naked, Beaten & Whipped Over His Father’s $20 Bet

Apple Loses The Right To Use The ‘iPhone’ Name In Brazil

Former NBA Star Dikembe Mutombo Thinks He Deserves To Be In The NBA Hall Of Fame

Will ‘Made In Haiti’ Factories Improve Life In Haiti?

Pentagon Creates New Medal For Extraordinary Work With Drone Strikes & Cyberattacks

NFL Agent Gets Certified By The NFLPA Even Though He’s Under Federal Indictment For Fraud

Black History: The Nation’s First Black Professional Basketball Team

The Drug Laws That Changed How The U.S. Punishes Offenders

Orangutans Learn To Play With iPads At Kentucky Zoo

The Atlanta Falcons Vow To Be In A New Stadium By 2017

BLITZ – 2/12/13: Carnival Queen

braz5_630Martinez – Sambalaté


President Obama Calls North Korea Nuclear Test A Threat To The U.S.

Mike Vick Signs 1-Year Deal With The Philadelphia Eagles

Blackberry’s New Creative Director Alicia Keys Caught Tweeting From Her iPhone

Former L.A. Laker Rick Fox Says Dwight Howard Has A ‘Loser Mentality’

Male Teacher Posed As Female On Facebook To Solicit Nude Photos From Underage Students

The Vatican Is Poised To Elect Its First African Pope

Common Says Electing A Black Pope Would Be A ‘Beautiful Thing’ After Current Pope Resigns

Olympic Committee Drops Wrestling From The 2020 Games

Remembering Donald Byrd, Jazz Trumpeter Who Spanned Generations

NFL Executive Suggests Changing The Size Of The Field Would Reduce Head Injuries

Former Pittsburgh Steelers WR Hines Ward Makes Cameo On ‘The Walking Dead’ As A Zombie

Why Don’t More People Care If NFL Players Are Using Performance Enhancing Drugs?

Female School Librarian Caught In Police Sting After Pestering 16-Year-Old Student For Sex

Former NBA Player Mike Bibby Kicked Out Of Son’s High School Football Game By Police

Designers Give Their Opinion On Apple’s Rumored iWatch With Using Curved Glass

TV Station Emergency Alert System Hacked Warning Viewers Of A Zombie Attack

Conservatives Upset Over Jamie Foxx Comments That ‘Black People Are The Most Talented’

Walter Cronkite Vision Of The Home Of The Future In 1967 Was Fairly Accurate

R&B Singer Toni Braxton Says She’s Retiring From Music Because The ‘Excitement Is Gone’

Nas Babymomma Disses Him For Not Inviting Her & Her Daughter To The Grammys

Every Apple Product Supposedly In The Works

The Golden State Warriors’ New Alternate Jersey Has Sleeves, For Some Reason

BLITZ – 2/8/13: Donald Byrd R.I.P.

donald-byrd-160Donald Byrd – “Places And Spaces”Donald Byrd & The BlackByrds – “Walking In Rhythm”Donald Byrd & The BlackByrds – “Rock Creek Park”


Jazz Great Donald Byrd Dies At The Age Of 80 According To His Nephew

Monster Snowstorm Similar To Super Storm Sandy Expected To Slam The Northeast

EX-LAPD Cop Christopher Dorner Is Either On The Run Or Hunting Police Officers

Why J Dilla Maybe Jazz’s Latest Great Innovator

The Cast Of The Mini-Series ‘Roots’ Speak On Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’

Nas Announces ‘The Movement 2013’ Festival Beginning In Australia

Baltimore Ravens Planning To Erect A Statue Of Ray Lewis Outside Their Stadium

74-Year-Old Man Defies Time Using Human Growth Hormone

Spain Seizes 4 Tons Of Cocaine Worth $340 Million Dollars

Pubic Hair Grooming Injuries Are On The Rise Over The Last Decade

Fried Chicken & Sweet Tea: A Recipe For A Stroke

Puerto Rican Hip Hop Icon Tego Calderon Mixes Prose & Politics

Beat By Dre: The Inside Story Of How Monster Lost The World

BLITZ – 2/4/13: Great Champions

02-03-2013-muhammad-ali-3_4_r536_c534Apollo Brown x O.C. – “People’s Champ”


Baltimore Ravens Led By Ray Lewis Win Super Bowl XLVII

Baltimore Ravens Overcome Various Obstacles To Beat The SF 49ers 34-31 In Super Bowl XLVII

The Full & Complete Timeline Of The Baltimore Ravens’ Championship Season

Ray Lewis Rides Off As A Champion In Super Bowl XLVII

Despite Near Death Rumors, Muhammad Ali Was Watching Baltimore Ravens Win Super Bowl

Can The Baltimore Ravens Repeat As Super Bowl Champions Next Season?

Jokesters & Advertisers Pounce On The Super Bowl Power Outage Through Social Media

Grading The Best & Worst Super Bowl Commercials Of 2013

Power Outage Stops Super Bowl For 34 Minutes

Are Mini-Reactors The Future Of Nuclear Power?

Do-It-Yourself Penis Implants & The Growing Fad Throughout The Prison System

Civic Leaders Call For President Obama To Help Slow Tide Of Homicides In Chicago

Judge Calls Former NBA Star Allen Iverson A ‘Horrible Pathetic Excuse For A Parent’

Who Is America’s Favorite Team According To Facebook Data?

Investigators Still Looking Into The Shooting Death Of EX-Navy SEAL & Author Chris Kyle

A Look At The New $39 Million Dollar ‘Rolls Royce’ Of Mega-Yachts

New DARPA 1.8 Gigapixel Drone Can See You Waving From 15,000 Feet Away

A County-By-County Guide Of Fans Of Various NFL Teams According To Facebook

BLITZ – 2/1/13: Smack Dat Friday

tumblr_ma8sp7VcsA1ruz6zso1_500Kendrick Lamar – “Backseat Freestyle”

As The U.S. Is Consuming Less Cocaine, Brazil Is Now Using More

South African Billionaire Patrice Motsepe Pledges To Donate Half Of His Fortune

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch Dies This Morning At The Age Of 88

Ray Lewis Seeks The Ultimate Prize: Going Out On Top

Are Shooting Ranges Becoming The New Bowling Alleys?

Geraldo Rivera Considering A Run For U.S. Senate As A Republican

Burger King Finds Horse DNA Inside One Of The Irish Plants Where They Purchase Meat

Judge Orders Unemployed Mother Of 15 To Learn How To ‘Suck D*ck’

Hundreds Of Bikers Stop Traffic On A Cali Highway So Their Friend Could Propose To His Girl

Why Is ‘Authenticity’ So Central To Urban Culture?

Gay Pitbull Nicknamed ‘Elton’ Saved From Execution At The Dog Pound

Man’s Dreadlocks Shaved Off & Stolen At Party; Dreadlock Thefts On The Rise In South Africa

Do You Need Apple’s 128G iPad When It’s Released?

New ‘Bang With Professionals’ App Helps You Have Sex With Your Co-Workers

Houston Texans RB Arian Foster To Undergo Procedure For An Irregular Heartbeat

The Top Black Girl Tumblrs To Look At

Black Men Are Heading To Tattoo Shops To Get Their Lips “Pink” Or “Red”

Despite President Obama’s Plans For Needed Immigration Reform, Deportations Are At A High

BLITZ – 1/30/13: Grade A Butt

tumblr_m6ln66hmnz1rp81lko1_500A Tribe Called Quest – “Butter”


Porn Star Ron Jeremy In Critical Condition With A Heart Aneurysum

Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis Denies Using NFL Banned Antler Spray

Brain Disease: Frightening Future For NFL Players

Man Behind The Alleged Hoax Involving Manti Te’o Says He’s ‘Deeply’ In Love With Him

George Zimmerman Wants To Delay Trial In The Trayvon Martin Shooting Case

HBO’s ‘Entourage’ Movie Gets The Green Light For The Big Screen

MSNBC’s Karen Finney Says The GOP Is A Bunch Of ‘Crazy Crackers’

San Francisco 49ers Player In Hot Water Over Recent Anti-Gay Comments

The Wives & Girlfriends Of Players In The 2013 Super Bowl

America Has 2 Black U.S. Senators For The First Time Ever In History

NAACP President Says Blacks Are Doing ‘Far Worse’ Under President Obama

Lebron James ‘Goes In’ On Brooklyn Nets Reggie Evans

Boondocks Creator Aaron McGruder Asks Fans To Help Fund An ‘Uncle Ruckus’ Movie

Whitney Houston’s Mother Says She Wouldn’t Have Lip-Sync’d The National Anthem

What If There Was No Super Bowl?

All The Singular Ladies: 6 Women At The Cutting Edge Of R&B

The Haters Guide To Ray Lewis

Former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky Is Running Out Of Excuses

Carmelo Anthony Sets Record In NY Knicks Win Over The Orlando Magic 113-97

Drunk 49ers Fan Crashes Broadcast; Reporter Asks ‘How Long Have You Had An STD?’

BLITZ – 1/30/13: Wickedest Ride

76874_198938320241183_1466534812_nBeenie Man – “Wicked Ride”


Rapper Rick Ross Hires 24 Hour Armed Security After Drive-By Shooting Incident

Girl Who Performed At President Obama’s Inauguration Fatally Shot In Chicago

Scientists Build A Bionic Man With Artificial Limbs Costing Over $1 Million Dollars

National Talk Radio Host Warren Ballentine Indicted On Mortgage Fraud Scheme In Chicago

Israel Admits Giving Ethiopian Jewish Immigrants Birth Control Shots Without Their Consent

Groupies & Golddiggers Prepare To Catch Ballers In New Orleans For The Super Bowl

Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner’s Secretary For Over 40 Years Has Died

The Water Discus Hotel Will Be The World’s Largest Underwater Hotel Being Built In Dubai

Harvard Gets $100 Million Dollar Fund To Study NFL Related Injuries

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg In Hot Water Over His ‘Look At The Ass On Her’ Comment

The New $445,000 Lamborghini Aventador Hits The Streets Of Miami

Baltimore Ravens Michael Oher Says He’s Sick Of The Movie ‘The Blind Side’ Based On His Life

The Internet: Odd Future’s Smooth Side

Just How Much Is Sports Fandom Like Religion?

Harvard Scientist Claims He Can Clone A Neanderthal With A Female Willing To Give Birth

Why Do Chinese Billionaires Keep Ending Up In Prison?

Joe Flacco Apologizes For Using ‘Retarded’ To Criticize The NFL’s NY Super Bowl Decision

Mike Tyson Responds To The Controversy To His Guest Role On ‘Law & Order: SVU’

BLITZ – 1/29/13: Scratchin’ An Itch

-1The Force MD’s – Itchin’ For A Scratch (1985)

The Miami Heat Meet President Barack Obama At The White House

Chris Brown Wants To Speak With Police About Fight With Frank Ocean

Rapper Rick Ross Crashes His Rolls Royce Into An Apartment Building After Hearing Gunfire

Disruptive Atlanta Woman Gets Tasered In Front Of All Of Her Children

What Twitter Really Looks Like Around The World

Baltimore Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis Reacts To Being Spoofed on Saturday Night Live

How Rising Postal Rates Are Hurting Small Independent Record Labels

Former San Francisco 49er Kwame Harris Charged With Assaulting His Ex-Boyfriend

North Koreans Are Eating Their Children In Order To Survive A Severe Famine

The Boy Scouts Are Considering Lifting Ban On Gay Scouts & Leaders

BLITZ – 1/28/13: Skip Work Monday

Vanessa-Storm1Ne-Yo – “Lazy Love”


2 Men Arrested In Atlanta For Stealing Over $65,000 Worth Of Chicken Wings

Google Explains How It Handles Police Requests For Users’ Data

232 People Killed In Brazil Nightclub Blaze

Chris Brown & Frank Ocean Get Into Huge Fight At A Los Angeles Recording Studio

Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo Out For The Year With Torn ACL In His Right Knee

Blackberry To Unveil New Smartphones In Efforts To Lure Back Lost Customers

Steve Nash Says Kobe Bryant Loses Faith In His L.A. Laker Teammates

Philadelphia Eagle LeSean McCoy Gets In Heated Public Dispute With Baby Momma On Twitter

Common Talks About A Movie He’s ‘Seen Over A Million Times’

President Barack Obama Says He Has Concerns Over Safety With The Sport Of Football

A Look Into The Home Movies Of Adolf Hitler During Nazi Germany

Art, Beats, & Electronics: Why Kraftwerk Are Still The World’s Most Influential Band

Male Nurse Arrested In Utah For Performing Oral Sex On Unconscious Male Hospital Patient

Scientists Develop A ‘Star Trek’ Prototype Tractor Beam

Former Saints Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams To Take Job With St. Louis Rams

From Thailand To Tazmania: Amazing Zip Line Rides From Around The World

DNA: The Future Of Data Storage?

10 Cities Where People Can’t Find Work

The Top 10 Super Bowls Of All-Time

15 Unintentionally Inappropriate Children’s Drawings

Woman Arrested After Admitting To Police ‘I’m Smuggling Cocaine & Heroin In My Coochie’

New Facebook App ‘Bang Your Friends’ Helps You Hook Up With The Opposite Sex Easier

BLITZ – 1/23/13: Prince Covers Billboard Magazine

prince-billboardPRINCE – BABY I’M A STAR


Prince Covers The Latest Editon Of Billboard Magazine

Beyonce Lip-Sync’s The National Anthem During Obama’s Inauguration

Former Oakland Raider Tim Brown Suggested Bill Callahan Sabotaged Super Bowl XXXVIII

NFL Hall Of Famer Jerry Rice Sides With Tim Brown’s Claim Of Sabotage During Super Bowl

The Most Dangerous Cities In The United States

The Voice Actor Who Portrays ‘Charlie Brown’ In The ‘Peanuts’ Gang Cartoons Arrested

Japanese Researches Grow Kidney Tissue From Stem Cells

Former Oakland Raider & NFL Draft Bust JaMarcus Russell Wants To Return To Pro Football

19-Year-Old Sloane Stephens Makes History Upsetting Serena Williams In The Australian Open

Rapper Chief Keef Sued For Child Support By Middle Schooler

6 Things You’ll Pay Less For In 2013

49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Once Appeared On The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Television Show

NY Jets Coach Rex Ryan Involved In 3-Car Pile Up Accident In Pennsylvania

DNA Study Traces Ancestry Of Native Americans To Beijing

Former Adult Film Star Claims A Los Angles Clippers Star Offered Her $10,000 For Sex


BLITZ – 1/22/13: Classic Beauty




Will Vice-President Joe Biden Run For President In 2016?

The Harbaughs Find Competing Against Each Other In Super Bowl XLVII Is A Mixed Blessing

Former Oakland Raider Tim Brown Suggests Bill Callahan Sabotaged The 2003 Super Bowl

Watchdog Group Has Expanded The Rooney Rule Proposal For The NFL

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos Confuses NBA Great Bill Russell With Actor Morgan Freeman

Dish Network To Close 300 Blockbuster Stores Around The Country

Lupe Fiasco Kicked Off Stage At Inaugural Party After Criticizing President Obama

Director Michael Bay Hired All New Actors For ‘Transformers 4’ Including Mark Wahlberg

NY Knicks JR Smith Takes A Shot Brooklyn Nets’ Kris Humphries On Twitter

Phil Jackson Rumored To Join The Seattle NBA Franchise In The Front Office

Tickets To See The Ravens & 49ers In The Super Bowl Are Extremely Expensive

Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes At Republican House Speaker John Boehner

BLITZ – 1/21/13: MLK Day



49ers Rally From 17-Point Deficit To Beat Falcons; Advance To Super Bowl 1st Time In 18 Years

Baltimore Ravens Beat Up The NPatriots 28-13; Advance To Super Bowl In New Orleans

Atlanta Falcons Fan Stabbed In The Throat By 49ers Fan After NFC Championship Game

Rediscovering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: 8 Surprising Facts About MLK

Will The Grass Be Greener During President Obama’s Second Term In Office?

Dr. Cornell West: Obama Doesn’t Deserve To Be Sworn In With Martin Luther King’s Bible

The Rev. Al Sharpton In 6 True-False Statements

Political Assassination Attempt Goes Wrong In Europe When Shooter’s Gun Jams

Inventors Design A Lamp Powered Entirely By Gravity

Dr. Dre & Jay-Z Allegedly In $75 Million Dollar Bidding War For Atlanta Rapper T.I.

Sacramento Kings Expected To Move to NBA Franchise To Seattle In New Deal

Jamie Foxx Calls Spike Lee ‘Shady’ & ‘Irresponsible’ For Django Unchained Criticism

Anthony Mackie Speaks On Role In Marvel’s ‘Avengers 2’ & ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’

Danny Glover: 2nd Amendment Created To Protect Slavery & Take Land From Indians

ABC News Personality Barbara Walters Cuts Her Forehead After Falling On Stairs

BLITZ – 7/20/12: Fly By Knight

People Under The Stairs – “San Francisco Knights”


14 Dead & 50 People Injured Following Shooting During The Dark Knight Rises Movie Opening

The Dark Knight Rises Closes The Book On Director Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Barbara Walters Rejected George Zimmerman’s Demands For A Television Interview

NBA Star Dwight Howard Says He Won’t Give Committment To The Los Angeles Lakers

Andrew Bynum’s Agent Says Its ‘Foolish’ For Teams Not To Talk To Before A Trade

A Rare Look Inside Famous Gangster Al Capone’s Miami Mansion Selling For $10 Million

Dennis Rodman’s Father Had 29 Children By 16 Women And Is Actually Named ‘Philander’

Oprah Winfrey Loses Nearly $3 Million Dollars In Selling Her Chicago Apartment

Feds To Use Alcia Key’s Husband Swizz Beatz As Way To Prosecute Megaupload In The U.S.

Former NY Giant Tiki Barber Officially Marries Ex-NBC Intern He Dumped His Wife For

Former NFL QB Brett Favre Says The ‘Money Was Too Good’ Not To Play In 2010

‘Anchorman’ Actor Fred Willard Arrested In Adult Movie Theater With His Pants Down

Harlem’s ‘Queen Of Soul Food’ Sylvia Woods Dies At The Age Of 86

Al Sharpton Says Sylvia’s Restaurant Was The First Place People Thought Of In Black America

15-Year-Old Rapes Grandmother After He Cut Off Her Underwear As She Slept

Michael Jackson’s Siblings Are Claiming His Final Will Is A Fake; Daughter Disputes The Claim

NBA Star Jeremy Lin Says Leaving The Knicks For The Houston Rockets Was Not About Money

Gospel Singer & Minister Juanita Bynum Follows Frank Ocean In Admitting She’s Gay

FBI Raids The African-American Mayor Of Trenton N.J. Home & City Hall Offices

Mom Arrested After Hacking School Computers To Change Her Kids’ Grades

Wesley Snipes Compares Talent Agencies To ‘Pimps & Ho’s’ During A 2008 Deposition (Video)

BLITZ – 7/16/12: Weekend High

Elton John – “Rocket Man”


The Summer Drink To Help With A Weekend Hangover

One Of America’s Most Wanted Fugitives Captured In Cancun Mexico

Employer Gives His Workers $7,500 To Take Vacations

George Zimmerman Claims The Judge Is Biased & Is Seeking A Replacement

Kobe Bryant Says That He’ll Likely Retire After 2 More NBA Seasons

NY Knicks Jason Kidd Arrested Under Suspicion Of DWI After Crashing His Vehicle

New Miami Heat Player Ray Allen Thanks Boston Celtics Fans For His 5 Years There

Florida DJ Sues R&B Singer Usher Over His ‘Hey Daddy’ Single

The All-Time Ugliest Uniforms In Sports History

Legal Experts Say Penn State’s Liabilities Expected To Be Far Heavier In Lawsuits

Medical Experts Say Skinny Jeans Leading To ‘Twisted Testicles’ & Other Health Problems

NY Knicks Expected To Not Match The Houston Rockets Offer For Jeremy Lin

How Jeremy Lin Fits The Houston Rockets Future Plans

An Inventor Wants To Create A ‘Jetsons’ Like Tunnel From San Francisco To Los Angeles

President Obama Say He ‘Won’t Be Apologizing’ For Bain Attacks On Romney

NY Governor Cuomo Refuses To Speak With Staff Through Email Or Regular Text Messages

The Miami ‘Face Cannibal’ Had Met His Victim Years Earlier

Music & Expectation: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

What President Obama Has Cost Blacks? A Columbia Professor Asks Hard Questions