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BLITZ – 3/27/12: Tuesday Tie-Ups

Robin Thicke – “All Tied Up”


Sanford City Manager Investigating Unauthorized Leaks Of Trayvon Martin’s School Suspension

What Everyone Needs To Know About The Smear Campaign Against Trayvon Martin

New Landmark Ruling Legalizes Brothels In Canada

NY Knicks Carmelo Anthony Allegedly Caught Cheating With A 19 Year Old Female

NY Jets Santonio Holmes’ Baby Mama Wants More Money In Child Support

Former IMF Head Dominique Strauss-Kahn Charged In International Prostitution Ring

GA Senate Approves Bill To Take Away Bonuses Received By Teachers Caught Cheating

Pimps Are Tattooing Barcodes On Their Prostitutes Now

CNN ‘Bar Code Pimps’ Report (Video)

The New Apple TV Uses An Interface That Was Rejected By Steve Jobs

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Visits China

Should Schools Be Allowed To Charge A Fine For Bad Behavior?

Only 37% Of Americans Want Obamacare Repealed

Bobby Brown Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI

Multi-Arm Military Robot Shaves A Man’s Head

BMW Recalls $1.3 Million Cars Worldwide

Occupy Protestors In Brooklyn March In Opposition To Atlantic Yards Project

Film Director James Cameron Travels To Deepest Part Of Earth

Woman Gets Run Over By A Car With A Dead Body Already Inside

Stripper Holds Shameful Secret Day Job As A Reporter

Sean Bell Killing Finally Forces Out 4 NYPD Officers

Legendary Soul Singer Bobby Womack Diagnosed With Cancer

Bill Parcels Still Contemplating Taking Over The New Orleans Saints For Sean Payton

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