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BLITZ – 4/10/12: Eff U Tuesday

Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics – “Red Light, Green Light”

Harry Belafonte Expressed His Disappointment With What Has Become Of The King Center

Grand Jury Will Not Hear Trayvon Martin Case

Video: Robot With A Human Skeleton

Facebook Acquires Instagram For Over $1 Billion Dollars

2 Suspects Confessed In Tulsa Shootings

Rush Limbaugh Dropped From Major Philadelphia Radio Station

New Study Finds Fish Oil Pills Offer Few Heart Benefits

Man May Have Fathered Over 600 Children

Kim Kardashian’s Ex Says Kanye West Is ‘Going To Need All The Luck He Can Get’ Dating Her

U.S. Military Plans For Alien Invasion

Easter Bunny Arrested For Possessing Illegal Narcotics

Twitterverse Overreacts To Facebook’s Acquisition Of Instagram

Texas Hospital Refuses To Hire Overweight People

George Zimmerman Launches Website To Collect Donations For Legal Fees

Ruben Studdard’s Ex-Wife Gets Almost Nothing In Divorce Settlement

Lamar Odom Quits The Dallas Mavericks

Autism May Be Linked To Obesity During Pregnancy

Man Arrested For Allegedly Coercing Young Boys To Be ‘Camera Sex’ Slaves Via The Internet

O.J. Simpson Threatens To Kill His Daughter After She Lets His Home Go Into Foreclosure

Psychics In $40 Million Fraud Case Claims Religious Rights Defense

Singer/Pastor Montell Jordon Owes Thousands Of Dollars In Back Taxes

Ford Recalls More Than 140,000 Focus Cars In U.S.

Mobile IV Vans For Hangovers Hits Vegas

The 6 Best Ways To Decrease Anxiety

Cuban-American Group To Boycott The Miami Marlins

Can Black People Be Racist?

Rick Ross Cancels Concert Due To Unspecified Medical Emergency

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