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BLITZ – 4/13/11: Hump Day Edition

Time for another edition of the BLITZ for today Wednesday Hump Day! Another big ass hump to get over but we’ll help you get through it….via the BLITZ of course. Check out the news & information from around the web in just a few clicks. Jump into the BLITZ!

How A Fukushima Level Disaster Would Affect You In NY, LA, or Chicago

Concussions Now A Hot Issue As Leagues Toughen Policies

Sprint’s Debuts A 2 Screen Smartphone

Data Thieves Are Targeting Email Addresses

$4 Gas Is Coming To Your State

Prisons Failing To Deter Repeat Criminals In 41 States

New Students Enrolling In Marijuana State University

NFL Unveils 2011 Preseason Schedule Despite The Lockout

Former NFL Hall Of Fame Linebacker Lawrence Taylor Officially Declared A Sex Offender

Randy Moss To The NY Jets?

China Tries To Ban All Television Shows Involving Time Travel

Steve Jobs Official Biography Coming Early 2012

Chicago Bulls Rout The New York Knicks 103-90

Somalia Struggles To Fight Piracy

Russell Simmons: ‘I’ve Evolved’

The Inevitable Death Of The Flip Camera

Cyber Sex: A Dangerous Business

Study Finds Women More Attracted To Men With Money…….And Water is Wet

People Can Spread Herpes Easily, Even When Free Of Symptoms

How An Email Mark Zuckerberg Sent Could Cost Him 50% Of FaceBook

Ashley Judd Apologizes For Remarks About Hip Hop

Bow Wow’s Alleged Baby Mother Seeking $50,000 A Month In Child Support

Dr. Drew: What Men Really Want

20 Highest Paid CEOs

Lady Gaga Falls During Concert

Real Housewives Of Wall Street

Final Cut Pro X Is Apple’s Next Generation Video Editor

Iceland’s Penis Museum Gets 95 Year Old Man’s Pickle

Tom Brady Crying Because He Was Taken In The 6th Round Of The NFL Draft

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