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BLITZ – 4/20/11: Coffee & Brownies

Special 420 edition of the BLITZ! Here’s to all the smokers getting ‘BLITZED’ this morning.  News & information from around the world in just a few clicks while you enjoy your coffee & kushy brownie pastries this morning. No Coke. It’s the BLITZ! Fire it up!

New Media Could Make Or Break The Next Presidential Race

Jet Carrying 1st Lady Michelle Obama Aborts Landing Avoiding A Close Call

In Egypt, Revolutions Move Into The Factories

4/20: Time To Have Fun & To End Marijuana Prohibition

German Scientists Invent A Brain Powered Car

New Airline Passenger Protections: Airlines Must Reimburse For Lost Bags, Bumped Flights, etc

Chrysler 300 enlists Dr. Dre  & the NFL’s Suh For It’s New Ads

Steve Harvey’s Intern Accused Of Stealing $10,000

The ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

Can Manhood Survive The Recession?

Ice-T’s Memoirs On Gangsta Life And Redemption: As Cool As The Author

Colt 45’s Fruit Flavor Drink Comes Under Fire & Is Put On ‘BLAST’

Forbes List Of the Richest Rappers

Poll After Polls Show Americans Favor Higher Taxes For The Rich; Preservation Of Social Safety Net

McDonald’s One Day Hiring Drive

Al-Qaeda Using Glossy Magazines As Recruitment Tools?

Man Attacks Wife During Divorce Hearing

NFL Unveils 2011 Schedule Despite The Lack Of New Developments In The CBA Proceedings

Tough Day As The NFL, Players End Day 3 Of Court-Ordered Talks

Imperial Decline: How Does It Feel To Be Inside A Dying Empire

Paranoid Fox News Boss Spies On His Small Town Reporters

EX-BET Producer Claims She Was Fired For Complaining About Sexual Harassment

Man In Mississippi Complains About A Tornado Taking His Hamburger

Carmelo Anthony Scores 42 Points, But Not Enough To Stop The Celtics 96-93 Victory

Woman Caught Masturbating & Watching Porn While Driving

Why Americans Are So Easily Conned?

Lady Gaga Says People Making Comparisons To Her & Madonna Are ‘Retarded’

Should Jails Provide Sex Change Operations To Inmates?

Reggie Miller: Don’t Hate On The Heat

The Weird World Of Penis Lengthening

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Feeling Sad Because He’s Not Young Anymore

The Happiest Countries In The World; The U.S. Places 12th Overall

Bump App Becomes A Surprise Hit

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