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BLITZ – 4/21/11: Hold Ya Head

Time for the BLITZ!. News & information from around the web in just a few clicks. We’re closer to the weekend but you just gotta Hold Ya Head! Keep it together for one more day! Can you get that through your thick head?! Of course….We’re sure you can….now hop into it!

Two Air Traffic Controllers Fired For Sleeping On Duty

Tech Jobs Booming Like Its 1999

Iraq Has Doubled Its Electricity Capacity

Pesticide Exposure Linked To Low IQ In Kids

iPhone 5 Could Go On Sale In September; May Feature A Gold Model

Apple Earnings Doubled Largely Due To The Success Of The iPhone

Are iPhones Secretly Tracking Users Locations?

Apple iPad2 Stars In Vacation Videos

Gerard Smith, Bassist/Keyboard Player For ‘TV On The Radio’, Dies At Age 36 Of Lung Cancer

Woman Suing The New York Yankees Over Their Logo?

McDonald’s Hiring Day Turns Violent

Will & Jada Smith Working On A ‘Thundercats’ Movie

Halle Berry’s Child Custody Battle Is Over

New Media Turns A Corner: 2011 Town Hall Meeting

The Los Angeles Lakers Square Up With The New Orleans Hornets 87-78

The Miami Heat Are The New Corporate Model Of Teamwork

Will Dwight Howard Leave The Orlando Magic In Order To Win? Experts Say Yes

Wierd Al Yankovic Parodies Lady Gaga In New Song

How Do You Determine Who Is ‘Rich’?

Ticketmaster To Scalp Its Own Tickets

Kanye West’s Charity Closes

As Oprah Makes Her Exit, Ricki Lake Makes Her Return To Daytime Talk TV

President Obama Pokes Fun At Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Is Worried About ‘Too Much Free Speech’

Robot Throws Out First Pitch At Phillies Game…..And Fails

Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly Officially Declared President Of Haiti

Tyler Perry Says Spike Lee Can ‘Go Straight To Hell’

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