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BLITZ – 4/24/11: Hang It Up

It’s Monday & we know you have the feeling that you’d rather hang yourself than to face another long week. We’ll get through it so ‘step out from that ledge my friend’. It’s time for the BLITZ! News & information from around the globe in just a few clicks. Let’s tough it out….


Economists Less Optimistic As Consumers Face Energy-Price Squeeze

Female Soldiers Say They Are Up For Battle On The Frontlines

Mac Vs. PC: The Stereotypes Maybe True

WiKiLeaks Reveals Details About Guantanamo Detainees

Police Using Technology To Compensate For Fewer Police Officers

Los Angeles Men Fire On Police Helicopter Forcing Its Landing

Antoine Dodson Forgets To Hide His Weed; Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall Stabbed By Wife With A Kitchen Knife

Woman Arrested For Biting Her Boyfriend’s Penis

Chris Paul’s Triple Double Lifts The Hornets Past The Lakers

The Boston Celtics Sweep The New York Knicks; Will Face The Heat Or The Sixers

Jim Carrey Is On His Way To ‘The Office’

16 Of The Creepiest Looking Easter Bunnies

One Of Charlie Sheen’s Goddesses Breaks Up With Him Via Text Message

Concerns Over iPhone & Androids Logging Consumers’ Locations

400 Inmates, Mostly Taliban, Escape An Afghan Prison

For $70,000 A Night You Can Rent A Whole Country

Robert DeNiro To Donald Trump & The Republicans: ‘How Dare You?!’

Never A Fan Of Interviews, Robert DeNiro Decides To Give Up A Few Secrets

Sitting All Day: Worse For You Than You May Think

Steve Harvey Holds A Casting Call For His New Movie

Frank Ocean: Smart & Subtle R&B Songwriting

The 4 Worse Things A Man Can Say During A Divorce

How Ex-Cons Helped With The White House Easter Egg Rolls

Japan Launches Massive Search For Bodies

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