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BLITZ – 4/24/12: Natural Highs

Bloodstone – “Natural High”


Man Says He Accidentally Shot His Girlfriend While Hunting Wild Hogs

Deion Sanders’ Estranged Wife Pilar Arrested & Booked Following Domestic Incident (Mugshot)

The Denver Broncos Are Replacing Playbooks With iPads For The 2012 Season

More Mexicans Are Returning Home, Fewer Are Immigrating To The U.S.

Jennifer Hudson Called In As A Witness In Family Murder Trial

Half Of Recent College Grads Are Jobless Or Underemployed

Philadelphia Plans To Close 40 Public Schools In 2013

Los Angeles Gang Patrol Unit Under Investigation For Forming Their Own Gang

Deion Sanders Accuses His Estranged Wife Pilar Of Assaulting Him In His Home Via Twitter

How Are So Many College Grads Underemployed?

Flying Object Propels Itself By Flipping Inside & Out In The Air

The Best Accidentally Sexual News Bloopers

Man Electrocuted While Trying To Urinate On Subway Tracks

Future NFL Hall Of Famer Brian Dawkins Retires From The Denver Broncos At Age 38

The Next iPhone Maybe Housed In ‘Liquid Metal’

New Company Backed By Google Execs & Director James Cameron Plans To Mine Asteroids

Rakim Says “We Need A Few More Kanyes”

Studies Show That In Restaurants, Race Does Matter

NJ Governor Chris Christie Says ‘Good Riddance’ To The Brooklyn Bound Nets Basketball Team

Brain-Dead Woman Gives Birth To Twins

Secret Service Prostitute Scandal Casts Unwanted Spotlight On Columbia

Women Ban Together To Get Their Pimp “Jello” Out Of Jail

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