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BLITZ – 4/26/11: Splash Wednesday

It’s time for the BLITZ! It’s like diving into some ‘Red Kool-Aid’ with news & information from around the world in just a few clicks. Better stay informed so you can keep fighting through another day & week. Always remember…..The Will Always Negates Defeat. It’s SPLAAAAAASH WEDNESDAY on the BLITZ! Dive In!

Taking Questions: A New Move For Federal Transparency

Space Tourism Is Closer To Reality

StarBucks Beats Burger King & Wendy’s; Now The Nation’s 3rd Largest Restaurant Chain

Did Investment In NASA’s Shuttle Program Pay Off?

Homeless Woman Facing 20 Years In Prison For Sending Son To The Wrong School

According To The CDC, A New ‘Catastrophic’ Super Gonorrhea Is Evolving

Donald Trump Admits He’s Exaggerated How Much Money He’s Made

Playstation Users’ Credit Card Information May Have Been Compromised

Study Finds Narcissism On The Rise In Pop Lyrics

Can Hip Hop Handle….’I’m Gay’?

Aretha: The Queen Of Soul Still Reigns Supreme

R.E.S.P.E.C.T.: Working Women Surpass Men In Bachelor & Advanced Degrees

Former Olympian Carl Lewis Declared Ineligible To Run For N.J. State Senate

The NFL Draft: A Team By Team Look At The Best & Worst Ever Picks

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler To Marry Former MTV Personality

Washington Redskins Albert Haynesworth Indicted On Sexual Abuse Charge

Kobe Bryant’s Dunks Excites The Lakers Team To A 106-90 Win In Game 5 Vs. New Orleans

The Orlando Magic Beat The Crap Out Of The Atlanta Hawks 101-76 In Game 5

Beyonce Sued By Video Game Company For Destroying Its Business & Costing 70 People Their Jobs

Blacks More Willing Than Whites To Spend All They Have On Cancer Care

Privacy 2.0: We are All Celebrities Now

Arnold Schwarzenegger Ready To Play The Terminator Again….The Geriatric Model?

Examining Bernie Madoff: The Wizard Of Lies

Porn Company Based Out Of Philadelphia Buying Up All The Remaining 1-800 Numbers

The Inventor Of The ‘Teleprompter’ Dies

Despite Federal Judge Lifting The Lockout, Players Can’t Do In Team Facilities

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