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BLITZ – 4/26/11: Pop To It Tuesday

It’s Tuesday & time for you to Pop to it! Pop out of bed…Pop To work….Pop to school…..Of course not before you Pop into today’s BLITZ! News & info from around the web in just a few clicks! Pop into it! It’ll help your arthritis…..haha

Will The Age Of America End In 2016?

In The Midst Of Japan’s Nuclear Disaster, Chernobyl’s Impact Still Felt 25 Years Later

25 Years After Chernobyl NPR

Man Caught Masturbating At A Barnes & Nobles In Georgia

Grand Opening, Grand Closing: Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken Restaurant Closes

Judge Sides With Players, Tells NFL To End The Lockout

White iPhone Dropping Tomorrow

Facebook ‘Deals’ Debuting This Week?

Man Dressed As A ‘Ninja’ Tries To Stab A Man With A Sword

Los Angeles Lakers Player Arrested For Shoving Cashier At A New Orleans Pancake Restaurant

Nintendo Confirms New Wii Successor For 2012

Mac & PC Users Bash Each Other Over Survey Results

The Golden Gate Bridge’s Accidental Color

Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard Wins Judgement Against His Baby Momma For Child Support

Mexican Actress Faked Her Marriage To Stay In The United States

Farrah Franklin, Former Member Of Destiny’s Child, Arrested For Disorderly Conduct

More Confusion Surrounding Google & Apple Tracking

Human Cannonball Dies When Stunt Goes Wrong

Ice-T & Wife Coco Get Reality Television Show

Warren G Pushing Penis Pills On Television

Denver Nuggets Avoid Elimination By Beating the OKC Thunder 104-101

Memphis Grizzlies Beat The San Antonio Spurs; Go Up 3-1 In Series

Despite Massive Criticism In The Media, Cam Newton Vows To Thrive In The NFL

Serena Williams Working On A Rap Album?!

The Best Companies To Work For According To Fortune

Donald Trump To Robert DeNiro: You Talkin’ To Me?

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