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BLITZ – 4/28/11: Thursday Thunder

It’s been a thunderous early Thursday morning in more ways than one….Massive tornados & thunder storms across the southern U.S. & even the OKC Thunder whipped up on the Denver Nuggets in the NBA playoffs. I can go on with the ‘Thunderous Tornado-like’ comparisons but I’ll just stop there. Time for the BLITZ! Fly into it…..

President Obama Releases Long Form Birth Certificate

The Widow Of The Doctor Who Delivered President Obama As A Baby

Birthers: Fabrication & Forgery….Will It End?

Death Toll Rises To 178 As Deadly Storms Ravage The Southern U.S.

More Video Of 1 Mile Wide Tornado In Alabama

Deadly Storms Pummel The Southern United States

Unemployment Down In 317 Cities, The Most Since 2009

Miami Mayoral Candidate ‘Uncle Luke’ Only Raises $250 In First Campaign Fundraiser

Atlanta Area School Teach Upset About Being Laid Off Strips Butt-Naked & Walks Out

$70,000 Worth Of Hair Weave Stolen

NY Yankees Accidentally Leak Personal Information Of Over 20,000 Season Ticket Holders

Alice Ward, The Mother Portrayed In The Film ‘The Fighter’, Dies At 79

Another Denver Bronco Players Gets Stabbed By His Girlfriend

Cam Newton Expected To Go Number 1 In The NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns Running Back Peyton Hillis Gets The Cover Of Madden 2012…..No Mike Vick

Mike Vick Talks About Not Being On The Madden 2012 Cover

Attorney For Woman Beaten Inside Of An IHOP By An Atlanta Police Officer Speaks

The White iPhone4 Goes On Sale Today

What The White iPhone 4 Says About The iPhone 5

Early Facebook Investors Want Out

Large Pharoah Statue Unearthed In Egypt

How The New DOT Airline Rules Will Affect You

19 Year Old Michigan Man Arrested For Running Over Ducklings In His Hummer

50 Cent Launches Comedy Website & Comedy Tour

John Stewart: Donald Trump Is ‘Eating Gold Tipped Crow On This One’

New Census Shows China’s Population Is Aging Rapidly

The NFL’s Appeal To Continue The Lockout Falls On Deaf Ears With A Judge

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