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BLITZ – 4/29/11: Skinny Bawsin’

It’s Friday & time to celebrate! We’re dropping the weight of the work week like Rick Ross after Gastric Bypass surgery! Its’ the BLITZ! News & Information from around the web in just a few clicks! Read the BLITZ & take the weight off….BAWSE!!!

President Obama To Visit The Tornado Aftermath In The South; 300 Killed

CBS Reporter Lara Logan Describes Being Sexually Attacked In Egypt

How Donald Trump Dodged Serving In Vietnam

Decoding Obama’s Birth-Certificate Move: Bring It On, Racists!

Mumia Abu-Jamal Granted New Sentencing Hearing

Gaddafi Troops Raping & Were Issued Viagra: U.S. Envoys

Self-Rule On The Rise In Mexico’s Prisons

Police Pull Guns On A Black Judge After Responding To Wrong Home In Burglary

The 10 Worst States In Which To Lose Your Job

Guiness Book Of World Records Largest ‘Bozack’ No Longer Belongs To A Black Man..PAUSE

NFL Draft’s First Round Turned Into A Parade Of QuarterBacks

Sports Illustrated: NFL First Round Draft Analysis

The Complete First-Round Analysis Of The NFL Draft

Atlanta Hawks Finish Off The Orlando Magic 84-81

Forget About iPhone4 & 5. What About iPhone 6?!

A $2 Billion Dollar Bid To Find Anti-Matter?

13 Assassins: An Epic Old School Adventure

Superman Renouncing His U.S. Citizenship

City Birds Have Bigger Brains

10 Classic Hood Movie Remakes That Should Never Happen

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