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BLITZ – 5/10/12: Hello Dolly…

Louis Armstrong – “Hello Dolly”


President Obama Gambles On The Gay Marriage Issue

Will Black Voters Punish President Obama For His Support Of Gay Rights?

Pit Bull Dog Pulls His Unconscious Owner From The Tracks Of An Oncoming Train

Mexican Crime Reporters Risk Becoming The Story

Cincinnati Bengals Jacob Bell Retires Abruptly; Says Junior Seau’s Suicide Played A Factor

The Miami Heat Eliminate The NY Knicks In Playoff Series 4-1; Advance To Meet The Pacers

American Airlines Sold Passes For Unlimited First Class Flights For Life. What Went Wrong?

A Circle Of Techs: Facebook Employees Collect Payouts & Build New Start Ups

TV Stations Exploring Broadcasting To Mobile Phones & Tablets

The World’s Best Airport Restaurants

Anti-Terrorism Effort: America Provides Technology & Saudi’s Risk Their Lives & Manpower

NAACP President: Laws That Ban Felons From Voting Or Require ID Are ‘Jim Crow’ Laws

Gay Thugs Beat & Rape Three Men For 9 Hours In A Violent Home Invasion

Amy Winehouse Portrait Made Out Of Her Blood To Be Auctioned For Over $100,000

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodie Is Irking Many Wall Street Investors

A Timeline Of John Travolta’s Allegedly Gay Accusations & Behavior

Billionaires Are Backing Ambitious Space Projects

What The U.S. Can Learn From Israel’s Ban On Ultra-Thin Models

The Oprah Of India, Aamir Khan

Volkswagen’s New Hover Car Could Be The Car Of The Future

Non Profit Agency Pays Drug Addicts To Get Sterilized Or Use Long-Term Birth Control

The Murky Ethics & Crystal Clear Economics Of The Unpaid Internship

White Supremacists Trained With AK-47s To Kill Blacks, Jews, & Others To Spark ‘Race War’

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