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BLITZ – 5/11/12: Get Low Friday

Mos Def – “Ms. Fat Booty”


Long Ding Hopes To Be The First Chinese Born Player In The NFL

ABC’s Robin Roberts Feared Her Interview With President Obama Would Out Her As A Lesbian

The FDA Recommends Approving The First HIV Prevention Drug

Caribbean Cruise Worker Says John Travolta Gave Him A Naked Hug & Offered $12,000 For Sex

NBA Player Chris Andersen Of The Denver Nuggets Being Investigated For Child Porn

NBA Playoffs: Who Stepped Up & Who Didn’t

76ers Upset The Top Seeded Chicago Bulls In 1st Round Upset

Cars Of The Future Will Be Computers On Wheels

The Top 10 Worst Sports Stadiums In The U.S.

Bobby Brown’s Sister Says Whitney Houston Wanted To Remarry Bobby Brown

New Mayan Calendar Discovered That Doesn’t End In 2012

Inside The Life Of Basketball’s Next Superstar Jabari Parker

Marvel’s Popular Super Hero ‘The Hulk’ Celebrates 50 Years Of The Big Green Monster

Chris Brown & Rihanna Allegedly Have Issues Following New ‘Theraflu’ Song

The U.S. Government Has Collected More Data Than It Could Possibly Ever Read

Robotic Butt-Cheeks Respond To Slaps, Caresses, & Pokes

Amar’e Vs. The Fire Extinguisher: The Top 10 Silliest Off-The-Field Sports Injuries

Minnesota’s Senate Approves New Vikings Stadium; Governor Pledges To Sign The Measure

10 Facts About Suge Knight (Some Of You) May Have Not Already Known

The Demographic Shifts Of African-Americans In Brooklyn New York City

U.S. Postal Service Will Not Ship iPads To Overseas Destinations

Dallas Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan Shows Off His Beat Up Conversion Van

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