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BLITZ – 5/13/11: Legendary Wonder

Before you hop into the BLITZ of news & information this Friday May 13th, be sure to celebrate the birthday of a legendary Stevie Wonder who turns 61 today. We’ll be celebrating throughout the day just by listening to some Stevie Wonder classics old & new. So as we all get ready to do it up for the weekend, let’s applaud the man who’s provided a huge portion of the soundtrack to our lives. Hit play & now jump into the BLITZ!


U.S. Interviews Hostile Bin Laden Wives With Pakistan Officials

Navy SEALS Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Now Fearful For The Safety Of Their Families

Black Women On TV: Are They Mean? Are They Evil?

Michael Moore: Some Final Thoughts On The Death Of Osama Bin Laden

Settlement Talks With Accused Minister Bishop Eddie Long Get Shaky

MTV Employee’s Killing Linked To A Rash Of Robberies In Los Angeles

In Chicago, A Political Dynasty Nears Its End

Chicago Bulls Rout The Atlanta Hawks On Route To Eastern Conference Finals

Miami Heat President Pat Riley The ‘Guiding Light’ To The Team’s Success

Chad Ochocinco Signs Contract To Ride A Bull In An Atlanta Suburb

In Football & In Life, NY Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan, Plays Like He Means It

Man With 86 Wives Blames His Marriage Addiction On God

No Explanation For Recent ‘Outbreaks Of Insanity’ On Planes

This Is The Police: Put Down Your Camera

NFL Players Association Seeking $707 Million In TV Damages From The League

Mind Reading: How Technology Is Turning Thought Into Action

South African Mothers Raising Babies While In Jail

How The 1960s Cured America?

Is The Internet Going To Be The Death Of Television?

Sprint Offering $175 For People To Try Their Service, But Is It Even Worth It?

Ashton Kutcher Hints At Possibly Replacing Charlie Sheen On 2 1/2 Men

Chicago Sportscaster Found Dead In Atlanta

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