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BLITZ – 5/14/12: Salute The Queens

Sizzla – “Thank You Mama”


Black Churches Conflicted On President Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance

10 Most Controversial Time Magazine Covers

Newsweek Names President Obama ‘The First Gay President’ With Controversial Cover

Florida Man Sells Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets

Johnny Carson, ‘King Of Late Night’, A Man Unknown

Man Gets Magnets Inserted Into His Arm To Turn His iPod Into A Wrist Watch

Philadelphia Eagles DeSean Jackson Pulled Over By Cops Enroute To His Own Charity Event

New Study Says More Women Are On The Phone While Having Sex

Former NBA & Chinese Pro Basketball Player Stephon Marbury Gets His Own Statue In China

Woman Has Multiple Limbs Amputated After Receiving Botched Butt Implants

33-Year-Old Man Has 30 Kids By 11 Different Women

Miami Heat Overcome Chris Bosh Injury To Beat The Indiana Pacers 95-86 In Game 1

Mayan Artwork Uncovered In A Guatemalan Forest

NSA Whistleblower Says The U.S. Government Has Copies Of Most Of Your Emails

Stevie Wonder’s Nephew & His Girlfriend Charged With Trying To Extort Him For Money

The ‘Avengers’ Grosses Over $1 Billion Dollars Worldwide In Only 19 Days

The Top 5 Plastic Surgeries Men Are Getting & The New Pressure To Be Perfect

The 15 Most Shockingly Overpaid People In Sports

Tale Of Two Cities: NYPD’s Racist Arrests Create Class War In New York

Steve Jobs Didn’t Invent Design, But He Patented It

Whitney Houston’s Mother Believes New Reality Show Will Keep Family Together

The Rise & Rise Of America’s Super-Rich

Military Scientists Are Recording Record Amounts Of Research Following The Recent Wars

R&B Singer Usher’s Abs Workout

Betty White Endorses President Barack Obama For Re-Election

New Book Claims Obama’s Team Offered $150K To Rev. Wright As Hush Money

Trayvon Martin’s Mother Receives 8 Months Donated Vacation Time From Her Miami Co-Workers

19 Black Celebrities Who’s Real Names You Didn’t Know

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