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BLITZ – 5/15/12: God Bless You

Astrud Gilberto – “Maria Quiet”


FBI Actively Seeking Hate Crime Charges Against George Zimmerman For Shooting

$20 Billion Dollars Worth Of Gold Discovered In Haiti

Ex-Cons Stepping In To Mediate Conflicts & To Help Curb Gun Violence

Manny Pacquiao Speaks Out Against President Obama’s Feelings On Gay Marriage

Black Panther Leader Huey P. Newton’s Thoughts On Gay Rights (August 15, 1970)

OKC Thunder Beat The Breaks Off The Los Angeles Lakers 119-90 In 1st Series Playoff Game

FAMU Band Suspended For Another Year Following The Hazing Death Incident

Algorithms: The Ever-Growing, All-Knowing Way Of The Future

The Sixers Defeat The Boston Celtics 82-81 To Even The Playoff Series To 1-1

Facebook’s Future Success Is Hinged On How Much More They Can Learn About You

Twitter Working On An Email Component?

Did Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign Influence Anything?

NYPD ‘Stop & Frisking’ More People Than Ever Before

How A U.S. Company Is Breaking Laws & Grabbing Land In Africa

Ironman Tony Stark’s Car In The ‘Avengers’ Movie Was Actually A Model From 1992

Rapper J. Cole Says Some Of His Peers Are Too Attention Starved On Twitter

Rapper Jay Z Says He Supports Gay Marriage

New MacBook Pro’s Will Reportedly Ditch Ethernet & Disk Drive, Gain USB 3

Thieves Stealing The Tax Refunds Of Dead People In Identity Theft Ring

Half Of Americans In A New AP-CNBC Poll Say Facebook Is A Passing Fad

Texas Man Tries To Rob Cops Inside A Texas Police Station

Apple Set To Launch An Instagram Competitor

50 Celebrities & Their Moms In Photos

CBS Passes On Martin Lawrence’s New Television Pilot

Ex-CIA Chief Says There Are More Foreign Spies In The U.S. Today Than During The Cold War

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