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BLITZ – 5/18/12: Love To Love You

Donna Summer – “Love To Love You Baby”


Donna Summer, The Queen Of Disco, Dies At The Age Of 63 Of Cancer

Police Say Trayvon Martin’s Shooting Death Was ‘Avoidable’

Study Finds 1 Out Of Every 10 People In Prison Are Sexually Assaulted While Incarcerated

Indiana Pacers Beat The Miami Heat To Take A 2-1 Series Lead In The Playoffs

The San Antonio Spurs Continue To Shut Out The Los Angeles Clippers To Take 2-0 Series Lead

President Obama Orders Prisons To Step Up Efforts Against Prison Rapes Or Lose Money

Former NFL Running Back Ricky Williams Speaks On The NFL & Concussions

Michigan Boy Finds A Piece Of A Finger In His Arby’s Sandwich

Now May Be The Best Time Ever To Vacation In Greece

Facebook Trading Begins Today

Bionic Solar Powered Implants Could Help The Blind Regain Sight

Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ Film Expected To Outdo ‘Battleship’ In It’s Opening Weekend

Bootleg Pimp Paid His Hookers With McDonald’s Dollar Menu

Deconstructing Former NFL Coach Jimmy Johnson’s Medically Ineffective Penis Pills

Private Equity Firms Push Dentists To Detrimentally Overtreat Patients

2nd Grader Gets In Trouble For Dressing In Blackface As A Tribute To Martin Luther King, Jr

John Travolta’s ‘Grease’ Co-Star Says He Tried To Give Him Oral Sex While He Was Asleep

NFL Hall Of Famer Lawrence Taylor Auctioning Off His Super Bowl XXV Ring

Alligator Nearly Bites Off Scientists’ Arm As He Tries To Fight Back

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