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BLITZ – 5/25/12: The High Life

Yuna – “Live Your Life”


Miami Heat Prove To Be The Tougher Beating The Pacers 105-93; Advance To Eastern Finals

Lamar Odom Reportedly Wants To Play For The New York Knicks Next Season

19-Year-Old Entrepreneur Secretly Lived At AOL’s Campus For Two Months

Self-Described ‘Pimping Expert’ Tells Judge He Was ‘A Failure As A Pimp’

Man Picks Up Beer & Walks Away Unhurt After Being Run Over By A 26 Car Train

USC Football Recruit Who Served 5 Years For Rape Released After Victim Admits She Lied

Snoop Dogg ‘Tebows’ After Throwing Out The First Pitch At Chicago MLB Game

Pastor Marvin L. Winans Was Driving Without A Valid Driver’s License When He Was Carjacked

The Main Cabin Door Of A Private Jet Lands On A South Florida Golf Course

FBI Quietly Forms Secretive Net Surveillance Unit

Apple CEO Tim Cook Gives Up $75 Million Dollars In Dividend Income

Newark NJ Mayor Cory Booker Declares Drug War ‘A Failure’, Endorses Medical Marijuana

Bodies Found In A Manure Pit On A Maryland Dairy Farm

50 Cent Says Homophobia Will Continue Even After Marriage Equality

A Woman Gets Married To….Herself

Brooklyn High School To Give Out Condoms To Students On Prom Night

The Secrets To Cuba’s Boxing Success

A Look Into The World’s Nicest Prison

Israeli Anti-Immigration Protest Turns Violent Towards Africans

Celebrity Women Who Are Classy In Public, But Probably Freaks In The Bed

Michelle Obama: “If I Could Be Anyone Else I Would Be Beyonce”

Intel’s Experimenting With Computers That Have The Ability To Learn

Increasing Backlash Against African Migrants In Israel

Football’s Risk Factor: Brain Injuries Raise New Concerns For Young Athletes

FBI’s New Surveillance Unit Can Spy On Skype & Wireless Communications

MTV’s ‘The Real World’ Turns 20

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