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BLITZ – 5/4/11: Jack Johnson Wins

Yeah Yeah Yeah….. We know you missed the BLITZ on Monday following the breaking news with Osama Bin Laden chillin’ in Pakistan before catching a couple of ‘speedknots’ but we figured they’ll be plenty of news for you follow without our help. Well we’re back like Black Jack Johnson punching our way out over the hump this Wednesday. Check out the BLITZ! News & info from around the world in just a few clicks! Hit it after the jump….

Timeline: The Raid On Osama Bin Laden’s Compound

President Barack Obama’s Post Bin Laden Polls Improve, But Economy Hurts Him

Osama Bin Laden Death Fuels Afghan War Debate

Pittsburgh Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall Under Fire For Osama Bin Laden Comments

Prosecutors Are Seeking To Drop Charges Against Osama Bin Laden?

Without Osama Bin Laden How Dangerous Is Al-Qaida?

Glenn Beck Of Fox News Says ‘Hey Let’s Kill Obama’

George Bush Declines President Barack Obama’s Invitation To Ground Zero

Alabama Finding Thousands Homeless Following The Tornado & Severe Weather Storms

Woman Arrested After A Knife Found In Her Vagina Along With Pills & Other Weapons In Her Fat Rolls

Nissan Wins Competition To Supply The Official Taxi’s Of New York City

Chris Bosh Of The Miami Heat Suing His Child’s Mother For Appearing On ‘Basketball Wives’

Lebron James Leads The Miami Heat To A Game 2 Win Over The Boston Celtics

States Reassessing Medical Marijuana Laws

McDonalds Hired Over 62,000 New Employees In One Day, But Turn Away 1 Million

Bin Laden Mission Called For A Special Unit Of Navy SEALS: Team Six

NFL Gets Expedited Hearing For Appeal

With The NFL Lockout In Play, College Players Eligible For The Draft May Opt For The UFL

NBA Players Unhappy With League Owners’ CBA Offer; Lockout For NBA Next?

Derek Rose Becomes The Youngest MVP In NBA History

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