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BLITZ – 5/9/12: Easy Ride Her

Ciara – “Ride”


HIV Crisis Affecting Black Women In Metro Atlanta; Rates Similar To African Countries

In Philadelphia, A Bicentennial For America’s First Black Nationalist

Arrested Underwear Bomber Was A CIA Double Agent

Former NFL Wide Receiver Terrell Owens Confronts His Baby Mommas On Dr. Phil

Gay Marriage Ban Passes In North Carolina

Twitter Goes To Bat For An Occupy Wallstreet Protestor

Not All Battles Are Worth Fighting

MIT Scientists Discover Yogurt Gives Mice Bigger Balls

2nd Male Masseur Files $2 Million Sexual Battery Lawsuit Against John Travolta

U.S. Military Embracing Increased Use Of Robots with Greater Autonomy

Drunk Dad Leaves Liquor Store With Kids Strapped To The Hood Of The Car

Why Do People Like To Brag About Themselves: The Brain Likes It According To Psychologists

Wu-Tang Clan’s The RZA Brings Blessings To The New USA Shaolin Temple Opening Ceremony

Google’s Self Driving Car Gets A License In Nevada

Former NFL Wide Receiver & NFL Analyst Chris Carter Admits To Placing Bounties

Making The Internet More Like Our Human Brains

Twitter Takes A Stand Against Prosecutors In Protecting Your Tweets

The Most Porn Obsessed Cities In America

Former NFL Star Keyshawn Johnson Tricked By Delivery Guy Who Spied On Kim Kardashian

The Top 12 Porn Capitals Of America

Prosecutors In The Jerry Sandusky Case Inadvertently Release Names Of The Victims

55-Year Old Grandmother Auditions To Be A Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Nanotechnology

Orangutans At Miami Zoo Use iPads To Communicate

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