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BLITZ – 6/4/12: Fried Eggs & Jam

Guy – “Teddy’s Jam”


Political Analyst & Comedian Bill Maher Is A Minority Shareholder Of The NY Mets

George Zimmerman Back In A Florida Jail After His Bond Was Revoked

Over 163 People Killed As A Nigerian Airplane Crashes Into A Building In Lagos

‘Family Feud’ TV Show Host Richard Dawson Dies At The Age Of 79

Former Bath-Salts Addict Describes The Experience As Being ‘The Evilest Thing Imaginable’

Man In Tuxedo Carjacks Man At Gunpoint While On Way To Prom With His Girlfriend

Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ Becomes The Third Biggest Movie Of All-Time

18-Year Old High School Student Who Seduced Teacher Did It To Win A Bet

10 Things Billionaires Probably Don’t Want You To Know

A Wild Bear Eats The Corpse Of A Convicted Murderer In Canada

Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh Should Be Back For Game 5 Of The Series

Medical Marijuana Now Officially Legal In Connecticut

Wu-Tang Clan To Play Themselves In Upcoming ‘Ol Dirty Bastard Biopic

NY Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire Proposes To The Mother Of His Children In Paris France

NFL Hall Of Famer & Former Oakland Raider Lester Hayes Says Don’t Blame The NFL

Florida Mom Arrested For Choking Out 14-Year Old Boy Who Bullied Her Daughter On Facebook

The NFL Reportedly Has A Detailed Bounty Payout List Kept By The New Orleans Saints

The U.S. Sees A Increasing Decline In The Number Of Millionaires Across The Country

Psychologists Suggest Professional Athletes Are Better Off NOT Being Married

Music Exec L.A. Reid Is ‘Trapped In The Closet’ With 50 Watches, $10,000 Suits, & More

Anthony Davis Says He’s Looking Forward To Shutting Kobe Bryant Down In The NBA

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