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BLITZ – 7/1/11: 1st Of The Month

Time to start the 4th of July weekend right….Babes, BBQ’s & good family. But remember….it’s the 1st of the Month & bills are still due so don’t go spending all your money this weekend when the rent’s due. Time for the BLITZ! News & information from around the world in just a few clicks! Happy 4th Of July weekend….


The NBA Lockout Officially Begins Today; Both Sides Far Apart

NFL Owners & Player Talks Last 15 Hours, But Mixed Messages Are The Outcome

Sources Say NFL Labor Talks Are Moving Backwards

MSNBC Analyst Suspended Indefinitely For Calling Obama A D*ck

What Will The World Look Like In 2050?

Burger King, Sonic, & Other Fast Food Chains Are Now Selling Alcohol

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Hit Song?

As Tuscaloosa Recovers From Tornados, The Exodus Of Immigrants Hurts Rebuilding Efforts

Transformers 3 Is Breaking Box Office Records; $20 Million Made Opening Day

Blacks Are Returning To Their Southern Roots In Large Numbers

Al Sharpton Tells Republican Herman Cain His Policies Are A Joke

Iron Man Shows Up To High School Graduation

Toyota Steering Ads To Target More Minority Buyers

Man Rapes Woman On Sidewalk In Broad Daylight Thinking She Was Dead

Autopsy Reveals Macho Man Randy Savage Died Of Heart Disease

Drunk Airline Passenger On International Flight Pisses On Other Passengers

How To Survive A Shot To The Nuts

Los Angeles Attempt To Build A New NFL Stadium On Track

Amber Rose Dumped By Her Modeling Agency After Nude Photos Leak

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