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BLITZ – 7/11/11: Mundane Monday Brainfreeze

It’s 7/11 Monday, but you don’t need a Slurpee to get the ‘Mundane Monday brainfreeze’. Before that happens its time to jump into the BLITZ! News & information from around the world in just a few clicks. Slurp this info into your brain…


7 Eleven Stores Give Out Free Slurpees With A Twist Today on 7/11/11

Black Economic Gains Were Reversed During This Great Recession

Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver Hines Ward Arrested For DUI In Atlanta

Lack Of Education Fuels HIV Epidemic In The South

Scientists Found A Way To Regrow Damaged Organs; Should Change Nature Of Transplants

Andre 3000 Still Set To Star In Jimi Hendrix Film; New Outkast Album On The Way

Record Heat Wave Hitting 15 States Throughout The U.S.

John Singleton’s ‘Boyz N The Hood’ Film Still Relevant 20 Years Later

Transformers: Darkside Of The Moon Becomes The Biggest Movie Of The Year

Woman Dies From An Allergic Reaction After Having Sex With A Dog

California Republican Wants To Form A New State Called ‘South California’

Philadelphia Saved $2 Million Dollars By Not Prosecuting Small-Time Marijuana Users

Rio De Janiero, Brazil Reportedly Has Over 60,000 Unsolved Murders In 10 Years

NFL Lockout’s Stumbling Blocks Reported To Hinge On Free Agency & Rookie Wages

NASA Reportedly Shifting Focus On Asteriod & Manned Mars Exploration

Tiger Woods Expected To Make A Major Announcement Today

Woman Arrested For Throwing Used Maxi-Pad At A Police Officer

Actor Malik Yoba To Star In New Sci-Fi Television Show ‘Alphas’ Tonight

The Popularity Of Drones Take Off With Other Countries & Re-Shaping The Future Of Warfare

Mississippi Takes The Lead As The Fattest State In The U.S.

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