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BLITZ – 7/12/12: Ordinary People

John Legend – “Ordinary People”


GOP Candidate Mitt Romney Booed At The NAACP Annual Convention In Houston

Mitt Romney Invested Millions In A Chinese Firm That Profited On U.S. Outsourcing

Viacom Channels Are Off Of DirecTV Systems & Many People Are Upset

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr Is Being Treated For A ‘Mood’ Disorder

President Of Florida A&M Resigns As Parents Of Hazing Victim File Lawsuit

Charles Barkley Responds To Kobe Bryant’s Dream Team USA 1992 Vs. 2012 Comments

World’s Largest Woman Loses Close To 100 Pounds By Having Marathon Sex

Ray Allen Eyes A New Chapter With The Miami Heat

Ray Allen Didn’t Feel Wanted By The Boston Celtics So He Left For The Miami Heat

Scientist Names A New Parasite Species After Bob Marley

Hip Hop Icon Lord Finesse Suing Mac Miller, Rostrum Records, & Datpiff For $10 Million

New Documentary Still Doesn’t Reveal Who Gave Magic Johnson The HIV Virus

Geneticists Evolve Fruit Flies With The Ability To Count

Star Athlete Loses Coke Endorsement For Being Seen Drinking A Pepsi

Philadelphia Pastor Boycotts Meek Mill’s Controversial “Amen” Song

Astronomers Discover A Fifth Moon Orbiting Pluto

Miami Heat’s Lebron James Wins 3 ESPY Awards

South Sudanese Radio Show Host Tests The Limits Of Freedom Limits In The New Nation

The Charted Proof That Destroys The Welfare Myth; How Most Welfare States Are Doing Well

FBI Called In Over University Of Hawaii’s Cancelled Stevie Wonder Concert

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