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Politics: Conservative Economist Ben Stein Tells FOX News Taxes On The Wealthy Are ‘Too Low’ (VIDEO)

If anyone would endorse Fox News’s no-new-taxes stance, it would be well-known Conservative economist and friend of the Fox network Ben Stein, right? Probably in most cases… but truth is truth. And Stein declared, on Fox & Friends, that the truth is… we need MORE taxes to get the economy growing and reduce the national debt… especially on wealthier Americans’ incomes.

“I hate to say this on Fox — I hope I’ll be allowed to leave here alive — but I don’t think there is any way we can cut spending enough to make a meaningful difference,” said Stein. “Taxes are too low.”

– Harry Bradford, Huffington Post

Uh oh. Fox and the Conservatives cannot be happy about that commentary. I hope Fox and Stein can still be ‘friends’ after this. Hahaaaaa!


One Response to “Politics: Conservative Economist Ben Stein Tells FOX News Taxes On The Wealthy Are ‘Too Low’ (VIDEO)”

  • ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC do the same thing. Their bias is to the left instead of the right. For epamxle they barely mentioned, or downright refused to mention this so called tea party . They are just as biased as FOX, but on the left instead of the right.And news reporting in America is atrocious. These networks should stick to American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars updates, or show announcers standing outside in front of screaming people. That’s all that these networks are good for. You want real news you turn to the BBC, or to the internet.and it’s pretty pathetic when you have an on air anchor caught lying about the size of the crowd at the tea party and lying about the network covering the Million Man March.

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