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Politics: Meghan McCain & Conservative News Outlets Try To Smear Kamala Harris’ Breakfast Club Quotes (Video)

Aha! Charlamagne Tha God catches Meghan McCain and Fox News in NOT catching Senator and Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris in a lie. Turns out she did NOT say what they are saying she said during a recent Breakfast Club interview (posted here). And they are out of pocket implying that the Senator is lying and trying to be ‘too cool’ as a candidate. Check it out.

Breitbart, FOX News, and Meghan McCain are the ‘Donkey of the Day’ for trying to smear Kamala Harris’ quote about smoking marijuana in college listening to Snoop Dogg and Tupac on The Breakfast Club.
– Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM


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Hasan Piker Claps Back At Laura Ingram Telling Lebron James To ‘Shut Up And Dribble’ (Video)

Bwaaaahahaaa! Hasan Piker SMOKED Laura Ingram for her #ShutUpAndDribble dribble rant. Wonder if she has seen this… Might make her dribble, with her mouth wide open, leaking from the cheeks.

Laura Ingraham’s viral racist rant against LeBron James is the perfect example of how idiotic and hypocritical White Supremacy is.
– The Breakdown

Shout out to the fam Twice Born The God for sharing this epicness!


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Farewell To Bill O’Reilly: From Stephen Colbert And ‘Stephen Colbert’ (Video)

Wow, there is NO chill when it comes to celebrating reporting on the departure of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News, is there? Just one more clip on that. It’s a good one though. Haaa!

A brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all has some parting words for a brash, loud-mouthed, far-right know-it-all.

Stephen Colbert is HILARIOUS, and so is ‘Stephen Colbert.’

(That Patriots’ White House shot he fit in there, too. Bwaaahahaaa!)


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Damon Dash Speaks On His Cousin Stacey Dash ‘Cooning’ For Cash On Fox News (Video)

That’s her job right now: To evoke emotion on that platform… Either way, she’s my cousin.

What Dame is on: Yes, associate the name Dash with cash, but NOT with ‘coonery’… and NOT with Republicans! Well, say what you want about Damon Dash; but he is going to say what he is going to say and mean it. Family or not.

Above he goes straight ahead on the hot topic of the minute – the craziness his cousin Stacey is spitting on Fox News (especially against BET) for the entertainment of White people. But the balance and majority of the interview is about his business and movie moves on deck. Good watch!

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Dr. Boyce Watkins: “Bill O’Reilly Caters to American Racism” (Video)

Recently Dr. Boyce Watkins sat down with Vlad TV and he discussed Racism in America.  More importantly he discussed how Bill O’Reilly caters to a certain audience in America.  Dr. Watkins sheds light on the fact that a lot of what O’Reilly spews on the airwaves is what many Americans of the dominant culture feel but are afraid to say.  People like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly make millions off of racist rhetoric and divisive lanuguage.  Well I will let you listen to the Doc break it down much more eloquently.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud

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Dead Wrong: Fox News Pundits’ Slanted Coverage Of Ferguson Stirs Up Sh!t…And Jon Stewart Rubs Their Faces In It (Video)

BOOM! Jon Stewart cracks Fox News upside the dome again! Hypocrisy, calling Michael Brown the bad buy, poor framing of the true “systemic injustice” that went down in Ferguson and Fox News’ super-slanted reporting on events… as usual.

You know… you’d think they be tired of being on the wrong side (being a right-wing network)… or at least be tired of being beat down by clever comedic comic attacks from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.

You’d think.

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Politics: Conservative Economist Ben Stein Tells FOX News Taxes On The Wealthy Are ‘Too Low’ (VIDEO)

If anyone would endorse Fox News’s no-new-taxes stance, it would be well-known Conservative economist and friend of the Fox network Ben Stein, right? Probably in most cases… but truth is truth. And Stein declared, on Fox & Friends, that the truth is… we need MORE taxes to get the economy growing and reduce the national debt… especially on wealthier Americans’ incomes.

“I hate to say this on Fox — I hope I’ll be allowed to leave here alive — but I don’t think there is any way we can cut spending enough to make a meaningful difference,” said Stein. “Taxes are too low.”

– Harry Bradford, Huffington Post

Uh oh. Fox and the Conservatives cannot be happy about that commentary. I hope Fox and Stein can still be ‘friends’ after this. Hahaaaaa!

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