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Former Pornstar Jenna Jameson: “I’m Rich. So, I Vote Republican.” (Video)

Let’s talk politics for a second. Who should we talk about? Oh…I dunno. Mitt RomneyJenna JamesonPresident Barack OWait! WTF! Back up! You mean former PORNSTAR Jenna Jameson????


Yup! Michael Eric Dyson (sitting in as guest host for ‘The Ed Show’ on MSNBC) leads a political roundtable discussion with a dismissive Tweet from entrepreneur and adult film icon Jenna Jameson that reveals that she votes in accordance with her pocketbook (e.g. rich folks like her vote Republican); NOT her heart… even though Romney is CLEARLY against porn (the career that made her rich). Maybe her decision to retire from porn acting was in keeping with falling into line with classic Conservative “values.” Whatever. Jenna is not alone in her political-economic driven “convictions,” according to pundits assembled by Dyson on this segment of ‘The Ed Show.’ Whether Jenna (and other rich Republicans’ shared view) is wrong or right is up to you to judge; then for you to VOTE accordingly.

All that said, when I think about ‘party’ and Jenna… I’m NOT thinking about my politics… I’m thinking about my… hey, where’d I put that lotion? Don’t judge me! I got former U.S. Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders on my side!



Conservative Pundit O’Reilly Grills Jenna (And She Still Votes Republican?)


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