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R.I.P. Michael Clarke Duncan

Sad, sad news to report. New York Daily News‎, E! Online‎, CNN, Chicago Tribune, and many other major news outlets have confirmed that actor Michael Clarke Duncan died at a Los Angeles hospital today after suffering a heart attack from which he could not recover. He was 54 years old. Best known for his larger-than-life Academy Award-nominated performance as death row inmate John Coffey in the 1999 film “The Green Mile,” our brother truly led a rich, fruitful life before and after that. Having worked as a ditch digger, then as a bodyguard, before landing a supporting role in “Armageddon,” the “Green Mile” star has walked a mile in shoes of every walk of life. But he never forgot where he came from. It was evident in the way Michael played even comedic roles with a presence that made viewers say, “I know that guy”; and he kept a presence in the community that made it easier to really “know that guy.”

We’re gonna miss that guy, Michael Clarke Duncan. Though we may finally make peace with him not being around or coming soon to a screen near you, we must never forget that the brother was just that – a brother – to us… all of us left to mourn. Rest in peace, Michael. Rest and God bless.


According to Michael’s publicist, he is survived by his fiancee, Omarosa Manigault (pictured with him above); his mother, Jean; and his sister, Judy. (Chicago Tribune / September 3, 2012)

Michael Clarke Duncan is surrounded by students after speaking to his alma mater, King High School, as “principal for a day” on Oct. 28, 2004. (Chris Walker, Chicago Tribune / September 3, 2012)

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