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Technology: Scientists Extract Personal Secrets With The Use Of Commercial Hardware

(Read the full TechCrunch article here.)

Brain Hacking… is it just something they did in “The Matrix,” or is it really possible? READ THIS ARTICLE! It is more than possible. Commercially available technology has already been shown to increase the odds of guessing folks’ secrets (like PIN numbers and home addresses). Mind-reading tech has already been put into practical daily use, says Gregory Ferenstein of TechCrunch:

Brainwave-reading devices, which control computers hands-free, have become increasingly popular for entertainment, control of prosthetics for paralyzed individuals, and military application. The latest commercial versions of brain-reading devices, often used by researchers and software developers, can cost as little as $300 (the product pictured above is the “Emotiv“).

Just imagine a system that is designed to be at least as sophisticated as a cop or poker player using “tells” (non-verbal cues that allow one to guess what another is thinking or thinking of doing) to get information… to crack the case or win the game. That’s the “benefit.” But consider the darker side of this science…

Who can guarantee that this mind-reading tech will be used in good or harmless ways? Think about security (like National Security). Any dignitary or member of the military of any country could risk the safety of his or her entire country with just a brief unknowing encounter or conversation with someone who reads minds for secret information. Think about preparing for negotiations or even a court case: How can you win when the other side knows your every move. What about privacy? Shouldn’t YOU (not a government or some individual) control when/whether you reveal political/religious/sexual preferences or some types of medical information to your employer… or your family?

Even when the tech is tried and true, and we begin to rely on it, who says the tech itself will be safe from hacking. Thousands of soldiers have lost their lives because their intelligence was wrong… because some enemy figured out how to feed them false information and lead them into a trap!

Truth is… I am rooting against this technological advance. It is an UNNECESSARY evil. – Ojones1

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