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Technology: AOptix Visual Scanners Can Get You Through Airport Security In The Blink Of An Eye

Maaannn! You know that technology is taking the ‘fiction’ right out of ‘science fiction, right? You have been reading my posts, right? A’ight then! A company called AOptix is doing something that should be both welcomed and feared! Airport security checks that take an hour can be accomplished in seconds! It’s all in the eyes… and the AOptix technology that scans them. According to Businessweek:

‘AOptix, a 100-person outfit based in Silicon Valley, says it has the technology to pull off this vision of the future. The company has developed a scanner that can snap an iris from a few feet away in about a second. “It has to be easy enough for an 80-year-old Tibetan grandmother who has never flown before,” says Dean Senner, chief executive officer of AOptix. Senner is championing the idea that by 2020 the vast majority of people will be processed automatically at airports by matching iris scans against databases.’


Great tech… but what about threats to your personal security? Who stops bad people from doing bad things to get the eyes of people with “clear” records. How safe is anyone then? And what about your privacy? If there is a passenger database against which eye scans can be validated, who says corporations, governments, or some enterprising individual won’t find means and justification to link that database to others that contain your private medical, credit/banking, or legal records. Scary. I’m telling y’all. Movies like “Demolition Man” (above) and “Minority Report” (below) foretold the future in many ways…

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