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Want Your Own Bulletproof Combat Helmet? British Special Forces Are Checking Them Out Now (Video)

Okay, I am more a Star Trek fan than a Star Wars fanatic. But they had me at “looks like Boba Fett’s helmet.” However, they probably got a few more with the whole now-soldiers’-heads-can-be-bulletproof-too thing. Check it out.

British special forces are testing DEVTAC’s Ronin helmet. It’s being compared to the Boba Fett mask from “Star Wars,” but what this thing can do is crazier than fiction. You can order one from their website.
– Tech Inside


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Little Caesars Pizza Portal Will Let Customers Grab Their Pizzas And Skip The Small Talk (Video)

Hot-N-Ready. That’s what Little Caesars is selling to the masses. Gotta say that the pizza is also pretty tasty (for the price). But now it looks like somebody somewhere in the company got a wild notion to ask, “Can I get something other than pepperoni, Hot-N-Ready, and FAST?”

Answer: Sure, if you have a smartphone and a way to come get it!

Watch the clip and see what the LC is cooking (and piloting) now. Tailor made pizzas on the go. The only way to get it better faster is adding mind-reading tech and drone delivery to this. But that’s not… possible… Is it?

Um… Hello? Have you been READING our posts at all?? It’s definitely possible in the future. But let’s try this Pizza Portal out for a while.

(Unless you are die-hard Pizza Hut or Papa Johns or something other… sorry. Hahaaa!)


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Google Doodles ‘The 44th Anniversary Of The Birth Of Hip-Hop’

So dope! I hope it still works…

I was playing with this Hip-Hop Birthday Google Doodle widget thing Friday and was getting it in, thanks to some snazzy app ware and on point tutelage from Hip-Hop icon Fab 5 Freddy. Watch, learn, play, enjoy. I certainly am!

(Shout to the homie Demetria for this epic share!)


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Need For High-Speed: The Hyperloop One Transportation Concept (Video)

Okay. So all we need to do is get a bunch government agencies and companies to push the design, manufacture, implementation, and maintenance of a high-speed magnetic transport tube tech that can be loaded and unloaded while maintaining a vacuum that allows for the minimal resistance supersonic travel. Admittedly, no small feat. But look. We now see proof that it can be done!

(Click the pic or hit the jump to watch the video clip.)

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Technology: Tiny Device Could Heal Even Brain Injuries With Just A Touch (Video)

Wow. So instead of harvesting stem cells that can become any cell needed for medical care & repairs, just create a dime-sized device that can tailor most any cell. Great tech!

A new device has been developed at The Ohio State University, which turns cells into other types of cells required for treating diseased conditions. During testing, one touch completely repaired injured legs of mice over three weeks!
– USA Today

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Technology: Scientists Create ‘Chemputer’ Designed To Grow Drones (Video)

Crazy. Not only would this manufacturing method be quick, but the customization possibilities could be limitless! If we get to the level of on-demand ‘made to order’ drones… wow! The range of uses alone would be exciting… and at least a touch scary (since it would first be used by the military AND those drones look like some Skynet *ish off the Terminator movies). Still, incredible concept tech though.

During this century, scientists and engineers from BAE Systems and The University of Glasgow envisage that small Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) bespoke to military operations, could be ‘grown’ in large-scale labs through chemistry, speeding up evolutionary processes and creating bespoke aircraft in weeks, rather than years.
– BAE Systems

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Batteries Not Included: Cell Phone Powered By Light And Radio Waves (Video)

Alright. I will tell you from the start that this is NOT going to be anywhere near as badass as your super-duper-smartphone. But if you spend your time picking at what this cell phone cannot do, you will miss appreciating the glorious technological step forward it represents. The holy grail of power systems is developing a perpetual motion-driven energy source (does not exist), but a very acceptable step down from that is powering things with virtually limitless source energy (like solar). BUT… what if we took a half step down and eliminated the need for a power source altogether? THAT is where THIS is going!

Researchers at the University of Washington have created a cell phone that uses so little power, it never needs to charge and doesn’t have a battery. Instead, it pulls power from ambient light and radio waves.
– Tech Insider


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No Ocean Required: eFoil Lets You Surf On Any Big Body Of Water (Video)

The eFoil is like motorboat-meets-surfboard. If you wanna surf but are living somewhere landlocked, now you can just go the nearest lake or river and ride out on the waves. Cost is just north of $6,100 US.

(Actually, no waves required. It’s motorized.)


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Prince Paul, Hank Shocklee, And Tom Silverman Speak On How Tracklib Provides Freedom At The Fingertips Of Producers And Artists (Video)

Now that’s how we start a discussion about sampling… with that “Impeach The President” joint! But on to the business: Sampling is at the heart of Hip-Hop, and by extension, the Hip-Hop business. But biz of bringing out hot Hip-Hop music can be slowed or obliterated by the expense and arduousness of clearing samples. Enter Tracklib.

Tracklib is a music marketplace where music producers discover, buy and license original recordings. Prince Paul, Hank Shocklee, and Tom Silverman explain.

This is big. And necessary! Watch right quick and learn.

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‘The Monkey King’ Is Ready To Rep China And Take On The American And Japanese Big Bots In Battle (Video)

Awwww daaaamn! Now China has a battle robot that wants a piece of the U.S. Megabot’s chassis? Well, bet money the Americans are gonna say that ‘The Monkey King’ can come and get some… AFTER the battle with the Japanese Kuratas bot! Watch the vid above and continue on the robo-journey after the jump!



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Fear Not, Robots Cannot Take All Our Jobs (Video)

Alright, the professor starts boldly with ‘We have to embrace creative destruction’ in his pitch to have us understand how technological advancement is a good thing for humanity and industry. But then he inserts and asserts “…and yes there are definitely some jobs being replaced.” So which is it, Doc, are we celebrating tech gains or job losses? Actually, it’s a bit of both; but it will be alright. Watch.

Erik Brynjolfsson, the director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, explains how robots will enhance our future economy. They will not be taking our jobs but instead helping to create new ones.
– Tech Insider


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Mars: To Boldly Go Where No Human Has Gone Before, Space X Will Need To Get A Lander Up And The Cost Of Relocating To Mars Down (Video)

Wow, so SpaceX is launching its manned Mars lander in 2020? Wow. The goal of ‘making humans a multi-planetary species’ seems kind of far out, and that is the point. Mars is the next planet over, sure, but it ain’t just “next door.” It is far out there.

SpaceX Founder, CEO, and Lead Designer Elon Musk will discuss the long-term technical challenges that need to be solved to support the creation of a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on Mars. The technical presentation will focus on potential architectures for sustaining humans on the Red Planet that industry, government and the scientific community can collaborate on in the years ahead.
– SpaceX

Interesting. Musk is the first big wig in space matters to address why we are trying to just go back to the moon… It is not a good candidate for terraforming (e.g. we cannot make an Earth-like planet of it). Watch the presentation above and read a bit more below.


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Watch A Real Life Transformer… Transform! (Video)

Transformer crazy nowadays, right? Especially with “The Last Knight” movie trying to blow up summer box offices. Well, whenever we get hold of something in the life-imitates-art department regarding Transformers, best believe it’s going up on here. Viola! An update from MSN on some real-life Transformer tech we posted on a while back. They (you know, the ‘powers that be’) must want to make it hard to embed and keep, so watch this while you can ASAP! Heck, the video we posted on here earlier already got yanked. Wonder if that means… Hmmm.

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Technology: Nissan Introduces The LEAF EV, With ProPilot Driver Assist (Video)

Not bad, Nissan. Not bad! The LEAF EV will bring ProPilot driver assist to the North American and European markets, meaning a driver can shift many of the burdens of a boring drive to the car with the push of a button. Steering, braking, acceleration, and the LEAF will truly help you stay in your lane while taking the freeway to work and back home… or on that nothing-happening stretch of road you travel on the way to (or back from) summer vacay.

Push play and get a look at some good tech. Smartcars are getting smarter!

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Technology/Travel: A Look At 6 Futuristic Aircraft (Video)

Helicopters and airplanes from the future. Are we out of ideas about what they might look like? Well, sort of. See, these are no longer [just] ideas… Check out these flyers from the future, conceptual but no less real life!

6. The Transformer Aircraft
5. Aether Cruise Air Cruiser Ship
4. Future Russian Aircraft PAK-TA
3. P-791 Hybrid Vehicle
2. Thales Alenia Spaceship
1. NASA Morphing Aircraft

And the NASA craft… inspired by birds. If man was meant to fly, he’d have aircraft and he does so suck it hater of science and cool tech!


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Recreation: 5 Amazing Toys For Grown Men (Video)

Because I am not playing with y’all… I have started (re)collecting the Transformers toys of my youth. Living the dream! I am trying to get the original G1 Autobots (all 18, including big rig Optimus Prime) and original G1 Decepticons (all 10, including the ‘ugly gun’ version of Megatron).

So that’s out there. Get at me on here or on Twitter if you have a lead to buy outright for the CHEAP! Used is more than okay. I’m not looking for collector’s or mint edition. I’m gonna play with mine… PAUSE!

(Wait, is it noon yet? Because all ‘pause’ is off for the nooner. Just saying.)

Alright. In case my tastes are a bit too nerdcore for you, here’s a more ‘hip’ list of cool toys for grown-ups: Manuka Gyroscope, Bottle Rocket Launcher, UGears Models, The ForeverSpin, and Delorean Time Machine. The video above gives us the skinny on some phat fun stuff.

(Did I use ‘phat’ right? Been a while. Plus, I’m a nerd; and I’m pretty proud of it #RevengeOfTheNerds)


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Technology/Human Interest: Bringing Solar Energy To A Remote Himalayan Town (Video)

Great point dude made on the ride in. Our natural reaction when we walk into a dark room is to reach for a light switch, but the folks they are going to see have likely never done that. Never even had that capability. But they soon will, thanks to this team of volunteers and their openness to being powered by solar panels.

Volunteers pack sustainable solar energy parts toward the remote Himalayan town of Lingshed.
– National Geographic

There’s a blessing and a lesson to appreciate in this docu-short.


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Power To The People: Most Of This Texas Town’s Energy Comes From Wind And Solar (Video)

How about that! A Conservative “red” town, in the “red” state of Texas, is walking the renewable energy talk for real! Did the city’s Mayor Dale Ross say that Georgetown was “90% renewable” right now? Like not in talks or planning to be, but currently 90% renewable???

In From the Ashes, Dale Ross, the Mayor of Georgetown, TX, talks about his city’s commitment to a renewable energy future— as that’s what’s best for his residents.
– National Geographic


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Technology: Bill Gates Is Backing Cranfield University’s Waterless Toilet Concept (Video)

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is going hard for ‘the toilet of the future’… still. We posted on a prototype the Foundation backed in 2012 on here.

And now this…

In developing countries, access to public utilities like running water and sewer systems are often not available. The lack of those resources leads to unsanitary conditions that can put people’s lives at risk. Researchers at Cranfield University hope to put an end to that with the waterless Nano Membrane Toilet. The design has so much potential to change lives that it’s been backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
– Tech Insider


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Recreation: 10 Of The Coolest Toys For Grown-Ups (Video)

You’re a grown up, right? That means you can do whatever you wanna do. So why wait until Christmas, or even Christmas in July, to get into some awesome toys? Toys for grown-ups like these!

Yeah. I don’t feel like waiting either. Let’s get into ’em above.


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