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Lexus Unveils It’s Brand New “Hoverboard” (Video)

Other hoverboard vids we’ve posted to date have been less than or different than what sci-fi has us expecting – like not that ‘real’ Marty McFly board we’ve been looking forward to. But this video is showing skateboarders riding and getting dumped, grinding rails and making jumps! Hey, if it walks, talks and squawks like a duck, it must be, right? Oh wait, this thing can ride across water??? Sh!t it can ‘hover’ like a duck? Incredible!

We’ve made the impossible, possible: The Lexus Hoverboard is here… The Lexus Hoverboard represents true innovation and imagination, together pushing the boundaries of technology even further.

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Too Far To Walk? Nowhere To Park? WalkCar Lets You Ride In And Take Your ‘Ride’ With You (Video)

Wow! Are you seeing this? It’s like they’ve almost figured out a futuristic George Jetson car; one that you can ride to work and carry into the office. Now, if they could only make it fly (like this one here). WalkCar is the world’s smallest electric car, as small as a laptop. Super cool transportation tech! You steer it with your body movements; so it’s not a big effort to learn to operate. This could be the biggest thing is small vehicles EVER!

Soon to start fundraising via Kickstarter. Pre-orders for WalkCar will be taken starting October 2015.

Hmm… Did I say “could” be the biggest…? Nah, this WILL be huge! For more on this compact, powerful mini-vehicle innovation from Tokyo’s Cocoa Motors, visit the company website

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Technology: This ‘Spider Car’ Will Conquer Any Terrain With Ease (Video)

Talk about independent suspension! How about doing that on all four tires?! That’s right. Check out the latest from Mecanroc – the Swincar, a pendular offroad electric 4×4 ALL TERRAIN vehicle. And they REALLY mean it this time! Watch this concept vehicle in action.

Visit the Swincar site to learn more.

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‘Legal Equalizer’ App To Help You Know Your Rights And Protect You In Encounters With Police (Video)

“This app is something that we truly believe in…that’s going to make things more equal for everybody. That’s the point of this app. We want people to know their rights. We want people to have their friends and family contacted…when they have any kind of interaction with law enforcement officers.”
Mbye Njie

This is the type of thing apps should be doing. Music, movies and games are fine; but how about securing your liberty. Think about it: Your rights are your RIGHTS, but only if you remember to invoke them! And will you remember your rights when local law enforcement is tapping on your window during a ‘routine’ traffic stop? The police are trained to get information from suspects they might otherwise withhold; but you should NOT be treated like a suspect if you are not. Cops would certainly not mind a little leeway in dealing with a ‘tough arrest.’ Perhaps knowing their curbside investigation is being recorded – and that your friends, family and/or lawyer has been notified – is better for EVERYBODY… the peace officers AND the people they’re sworn to PROTECT and serve.

And what if you are detained or taken into custody? With this Legal Equalizer app, you can be reminded of what the authorities can and cannot do or ask. It would probably comfort you a bit to also know that you won’t spend time in a squad car station without your folks knowing AND knowing where you are (yes, the app will send the location to whomever you designate as well).

Bravo, Mr. Njie for taking huge steps to bring technology to this fight for our lives! Want to help? Watch the above update video, and check out the GoFundMe page for the Legal Equalizer.


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Streaming Battle Royal: Apple, Spotify, & Tidal Test For Sound Quality (Video)

You’ve heard the bickering on and offline, surely: Apple is the best because they are the OGs in the stream game. Nah, but Spotify improved on the i-streamers. But hold on, Tidal put the tech and bandwith work in to crush competitors…but ‘politics as usual’ hold ’em back (as Jigga might say).

Alright STOP!

Somebody get the results and let’s settle this like Maury would. The sound quality tests determined…

(Come on now. Click play and find out.)

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18-Year-Old Builds A Gun Firing Drone (Video)

Isn’t that always the way? Straight from the movies. Actually, straight from our history books. Humanity makes a revolutionary technological advance, and someone finds a way to weaponize it. Drones were already militarized by the time most of us found about about them in real life. In the civilian sector, we postulated about the ‘peeping’ aspects of drones. However, we relegated a lot of our thinking about this tech to the cool side (delivering food and beer, capturing images in new ways).

But now some young’n (Austin Haughwout) puts a GUN on one??? C’mon son.

Oh but don’t worry. The U.S. government is on it. They’re like… ‘Nobody, but nobody, is gonna make killer drones… but U.S. us.’

The FAA said Tuesday it is investigating whether Austin Haughwout of Clinton [Connecticut, USA] violated its regulations, which prohibit the careless or reckless operation of a model aircraft.
– USA Today

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Coming Soon: Hankook iFlex Airless Tyre (Video)

Concept video above. Conceptualized a few years back, continuously improved since, the iFlex model is Hankook’s airless tire. And it may now be very close to production. Durable, stable, able to reach speeds of 130 km/h (or 81 mph), easier to produce, using recycled material, and promising no more flat tires to the consumer market really soon.

“Aiming to strengthen our technological leadership in the global tire market, we will continue to develop cutting edge eco-friendly and future-oriented tires.”
Seung-Hwa Suh, Hankook CEO and Vice Chairman

Yup, the car of the future will need some ‘new shoes’… and Hankook working on bringing ’em out like Jordans… now!



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It’s On! Japan Accepts America’s MegaBot Duel Challenge (Video)

Say word? Remember that giant robot challenge I posted here a few days back? Well… Japan accepts!! Watch. Dude says set it up, America, and they’ll be there ready to rrrruuummmmbbbllleeee! It’s on.


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An Inside Look At The iPhone 6S (Video)

The opening though? A’ight then. Ha!

The above visual shares what we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 6S. Feel free to judge if you are in the Apple family already. If not, and you’re new to this, get someone with an iPhone to explain it to you.

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A Giant Robot Rumble? America, Are You Ready? Japan, Are You Ready? Let’s Get It On! (Video)

Double dog DARE you you do a search on ‘robot’ on this site! It’s just something that happened. I’ll cop to posting my more than my fair share of articles on robo-tech. Damn straight. Especially when dopeness like this keeps popping up around the Interwebs. Apparently, America (well, some group of Americans) has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Japan – home to bad azz sci-fi, anime AND real-life robots – to a robo-duel!

“We have a giant robot. You have a giant robot. You know what needs to happen.”

Ohhhhhhh sh!t. DING DING dammit. Ding Ding! Let’s go! Hmmm… that Kuratas is looking mean though (posted on it earlier here).


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2 Chainz Scopes Out West Coast Customs’ Most “Expensivest” Cars (Video)

You know we love custom cars & fly vehicles around here at JAYFORCE.COM so it’s only right we’d be geeked about the latest episode of 2 Chainz’ web series with GQ called ‘The Most Expensivest Sh!t.’ In this episode ‘Tity Boi’ stops over to see the owner of West Coast Customs who were largely responsible for the huge success behind MTV’s ultra popular program “Pimp My Ride.” One of the standout vehicles in showcased in this clip is a $500,000 customized DeLorean tricked out for 2015 but made famous from the old ‘Back To The Future’ movies.

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Star Wars: LucasFilms’ Virtual Reality Making The Galaxy Far, Far Away Seem Even Closer To Real (Video)

Imagine the folks who brought you the T-1000 in Terminator II… the folks who brought the dinosaurs to life on screen for Jurassic Park… putting their powers to work in the next Star Wars movie. Now, wake up. It’s not a dream! The tech is ready.

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) and parent company Lucasfilm, Ltd. announce the formation of ILM Experience Lab (ILMxLAB), a new division that will draw upon the talents of Lucasfilm, ILM and Skywalker Sound. ILMxLAB combines compelling storytelling, technological innovation and world-class production to create immersive entertainment experiences. For several years, the company has been investing in real-time graphics – building a foundation that allows ILMxLAB to deliver interactive imagery at a fidelity never seen before. As this new dimension in storytelling unfolds, ILMxLAB will develop virtual reality, augmented reality, real-time cinema, theme park entertainment and narrative-based experiences for future platforms.

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The “Periscope” App is a Social Media Game Changer (Video)

Technology moves at a fast pace and the social media world moves even faster.  Remember when My Space was the place to be?  Then it was Facebook and of course now Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, Kik and many more exist.  So you are probably thinking so what is the big deal about this new mobile app?  Well put it to you like this when the creators were putting the technology together Twitter got word of it and purchased it for millions before they even released it to the public.  Periscope allows you to have a live broadcast straight from your mobile phone with the ability for people to comment live and to interact.  In the video Dr Boyce Watkins is joined by Michelle Martin of Urban Youth Racing School and she speaks on how people of color should take advantage and really get ahead of the curve using this new technology.  Could you imagine not just shooting video of Police Brutality but having a live stream with people interacting?  Also if there is a social event happening that the local news doesn’t want to cover no need for them you can broadcast it live in real time on your mobile phone!  Like my brother Jayforce likes to say “This Changes Everything” LOL.

ArtByOdell Twitter/SoundCloud


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MIT Scientists Develop A Robotic Cheetah That Can Run & Jump (Video)

Robotics meet zoology at MIT: Scientists have nearly perfected designs for a robot cheetah.

Wait, wait! Doesn’t anybody over at MIT watch any sci-fi featuring enhanced robo-tech and/or animals? The Matrix, Planet Of The Apes…HELLO???!! So, cheetahs being high enough on the food chain to be sniffing our armpits, it’d be cool to make robo-cheetahs equipped with A.I. enabling them to run and jump without fatigue, right? No way, we’d have actual PREDATOR drones that could hunt and kill humans. Oh wait, we already do, huh?

Okay, so they’ll just come up with another name for the seek-and-eat cat-bots. Sigh. Talk about not knowing when to quit. Thanks for the sweet nightmares MIT… and VICE!


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Man Builds A Homemade 40 Watt ‘Laser Shotgun’ (Video)

Science fiction no more! You’ve seen them used on Star Wars, Star Trek, countless action cartoons… and you wanted one so damned bad (at least at some point in your life). Well, lookit… a mother-father LASER RIFLE! This guy styropyro invented one, because he wanted one (and because it was not illegal to build it). How real is it? Watch the clip above.

Dangerous is an understatement for this thing. There’s no no good reason for anyone to own anything this powerful. But because it wasn’t illegal for me to build…

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Catalin Alexandru Duru Sets New Guinness Record For Hoverboard Flight (Video)

The hoverboard is real. You know that from our posts here. We just don’t have a commercially viable product to buy and use…yet. But that doesn’t mean we cannot set and break a few records in the meantime, right?

Enter Catalin Alexandru Duru. The Canadian inventor designed and built his own hoverboard. Then he broke the distance record for hoverboard flight. Yeah, Guinness Book has a record for that. Duru traveled a distance of 275.9 m (905.2 ft). He only had to travel a distance of over 50 m (164 ft) to break the record.


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Paraplegic Man Drinks His Beer Using His New Robotic Arm (Video)

Gotta love when science and technology make life easier, especially for someone who might otherwise have a particularly hard time with it. Enter Erik.

Erik G. Sorto who has been paralyzed from the neck down for about 12 years is now able to command a robot arm using brain implants that read his intentions.

For med tech taking a huge step toward replacing lost limbs and limb functions with advanced robotics, let’s have a drink… with Erik! Watch the man sip a beer using his new robo-arm, which he controls with his mind!

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Extreme Lifestyle: Flying Over Dubai With JetPacks (Video)

Alright, that does it. Dubai is home to the extreme…ly cool! Just posted about base jumping off the world’s second tallest building; and now JetPacking!

If you have a dream… even [if] it’s crazy, try it…
I’m not playing with death. I’m playing with life.

Jetman Yves Rossy and his protege, Jetman Vince Reffet (guess Jetman is a title now; not so much a nickname nowadays), fly over Dubai. Absolutely breathtaking. And yes, you know Yves from our post here!

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Technology: Surgical Robot With A Super-Delicate Touch (Video)

Precision and reduction of risk in hazardous situations have been two things robo-technology has been known for for the longest. Delicacy though, not so much. But check this out: There’s now a robot that could suture a wound, slowly and deliberately moving a piece of skin back over the exposed flesh and stitching it in place with its tiny metal clamps; and with snip of its scissor (on the arm) the job is immaculately done. So immaculate, why not name it after an artist; like the artist who influenced the design of the earliest robots – Leonardo da Vinci.

[T]he da Vinci Si Surgical System, the most advanced robotic technology available which can be used for a range of minimally invasive procedures in gynecology, urology, thoracic and general surgery. For surgeons, da Vinci’s benefits include better vision, more precision and more control due to the system’s magnification and 3D capabilities, elimination of tremors and multiple degrees and directions of movement. Through da Vinci’s robotic wrists which are capable of rotating 540 degrees, surgeons are able to perform movements that aren’t possible with human hands.

See the Da Vinci Surgical System delicately peel a grape (above)… and surgically repair one (after the jump)! The System still requires a human surgeon, but this device is a huge leap in medical technology and science.

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Stronger, Faster, Cheaper: Robots Are Replacing China’s Work Force (Video)

Very interesting. Over here in The States, folks dread the coming of robotic innovations that could cost them their jobs for the sake of manufacturing efficiency and cost effectiveness. But in China, where they have a lot of people, there is a shortage of “blue collar” workers. In other words, Chinese manufacturers claim that they don’t have enough workers around to complain. Their money-saving initiative involving robots would not be to replace workers; rather to avoid having to pay high wages to woo laborers or move to where the workers live. I wonder how this plays out for the average Chinese worker in a communist society as compared to here in a capitalist society like here the U.S. It seems like the companies in China could be fazing out the average worker, but are these corporations sharing in the workers’ ability to find work, sharing in the profits, or assisting them in pursuing their dreams elsewhere.

Check it.


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