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The BLITZ – 1/21/11

Uploading News & Information From Around The World To Your Mac, Ipad, iphone, or whatever you use…’s the morning BLITZ! Get ready cuz here it comes…. after the jump!

Will The Earth Have Two Suns In 2012? [HUFFPOST]

After Losing His Jaw To Thyroid Cancer, Roger Ebert Plans To Show His New Facial Prosthesis [CNN]

What A Rapper’s Brain Looks Like Freestyling Off The Top….Your Brain On Improv [TIME]

Mexico’s Ex-President Vicente Fox Says “Legalize Drugs” [TIME]

Meet Rex Ryan…The Guy Who Fires Up The JETS [NPR]

Cameron Diaz Admits To Getting Weed From Snoop Dogg While They Were In High School [BILLBOARD]

Emory University In Atlanta Apologizes For Slavery [WSB]

Hundreds Of Dead Birds In South Dakota Were Killed By The U.S. Government? [HUFFPOST]

George Clooney Contracts Malaria While In Sudan [HUFFPOST]

Reggae Superstar Vybez Cartel Receives Backlash From Fans For Allegedly Bleaching His Skin [COCOA]

Fox News Continues To Sharply Lose Credibility As A Trusted News Source While PBS Makes Gains As The Most Trusted [ALTNT]

Joe Namath Is Pulling For The NY JETS, But Not For His Family In Pennsylvania [ESPN]

Solar Powered Smart Roads Could Melt Snow & Ice [CNN]

There Were No U.S. Airline Fatalities In 2010 [USATODAY]

The Chicago Bears & Green Bay Packers Rivalry Has Been Longer Than The NFL’s Been In Existence [USATODAY]

Not Only Is The NFL On The Verge Of A LockOut, But The NBA Is Also On The Verge Of A Lockout [USATODAY]

Donald Trump Says…. “China Is Our Enemy” [CNN]

Don’t Over Eat Like Oprah [CNN]

Serena Williams Out Of The Australian Open Due To An Injury [WIRE]

Willie Mays Called Harlem Home

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