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The BLITZ – 1/24/11

Great weekend of NFL games & now the SuperBowl contenders are set to meet in Dallas Texas February 6th. The Jets & Bears are out….and the Steelers & Packers are in! Time to start the week off right after another long & hopefully enjoyable weekend! It’s time for the media information BLITZ from around the world! Check out the top stories everyone is talking about after the jump!

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Steelers Beat The Jets In The AFC Championship Game To Advance To The SuperBowl [NFL]

The Packers Force The Chicago Bears To ‘Pack Away’ Their SuperBowl Hopes Winning The NFC Championship [NFL]

Jay Cutler Under Attack For Leaving The Game With A Knee Injury When The Bears Needed Him [USATODAY]

Fitness Guru Jack LaLane Dies At 96 [USA]

Colin Powell Says He’s Not Committed To Obama Or Any Candidate Yet In 2012 [CNN]

Woman Who Kidnapped A Baby From A Harlem Hospital 20 Years Ago Is Now In Custody [USATODAY]

GRAMMY Foundation To Celebrate The Evolution Of Hip Hop [GRAMMY]

Carmelo Anthony Shakes Off The Drama As The Nuggets Beat The Pacers [USATODAY]

Solar Power Enters The Plastic Age [CNN]

Nominees For ‘Worst Person On A Plane’ [ABC]

Miami Heat Season Tickets To Increase Next Season [BALLERSTATUS]

The World’s Coolest Nationalities [CNNGO]

Celebrities: Before They Were Famous [ABC]

Super Stretched Songs Produce Cosmic Results [NPR]

New Study Says Sleeping Next To Your Pets Could Be Harmful To Your Health [USA]

Steve Harvey’s Ex-Wife Puts Him On Blast For Cheating [BLACKVIBES]

Keith Olbermann Officially Announces He’s Leaving MSNBC [MSNBC]

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Apple’s App Store Tops 10 Billion Downloads [REUTERS]

Astronomers Are Hunting ‘Alien Earths’ [USATODAY]

Porn Star Dies After Getting Her 6th Boob Job [HUFFPOST]

NY JETS QB Mark Sanchez Picks His Nose & Wipes It On His Teammate [HUFFPOST]

Cathouse Women Are Haunted By Their Past [CNN]

Atlanta Schools Are Given 9 Months To Keep Their Accreditation [USA]

A Georgia Highschool Bans Students From Wearing Camouflage To School [WAGT]

Smartphones In Space? [BBC]

Your Cellphone Is Becoming Your Wallet [MONEY]

The Future Of Motion Controlled Gaming [CNN]

IceLand Has The World’s Cleanest Electricity [TIME]

Sacha Cohen To Play Sadaam Hussein In An Upcoming Movie Called ‘The Dictator’ [CNN]

Flavor Flav opens His First Chicken Eatery In Iowa [AJC]

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