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The BLITZ – 1/27/11

Tall glass of OJ & an Egg McDowell Muffin With Cheese Please…….Time For News & Information From Around The Web…. Thursday Thunder With The BLITZ! Jump In!

Muslims Will Make Up A Quarter Of The World’s Population By 2030 [USATODAY]

Hormones Help Short Term Memories Stick Around [NPR]

Harry Belafonte Speaks On President Barack Obama [DEMOCRACYNOW]

Will.I.AM Signs On As INTEL’s New Director Of Creative Information [BILLBOARD]

NY Knicks & Los Angeles Lakers Top List Of Most Valuable NBA Teams [ESPN]

Murderer Involved In A Shootout Gets 107 Years For Telling The Judge To…”Suck My D*ck!” [NYDAILY]

NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell Willing To Take Cut In Pay To $1 In The Event Of A Lockout [ESPN]

High Unemployment Was The Cause Of Foreclosures In 2010 [USATODAY]

Hubble Telescope Finds The Oldest Galaxy Ever [TIME]

Will Ferrell Will Appear On NBC’s ‘The Office’ With Steve Carrell For 3 Episodes [EW]

The Oscars: Where’s The Diversity? [CNN]

10 People That Will Never Perform At A SuperBowl Halftime Show [BOSSIP]

Canadian Authorities Investigating Dog Encased In Ice [AP]

The Working Rick & The Rest Of Us [REUTERS]

Bilal On World Cafe [NPR]

Justin Bieber & Ozzy Osborne To Star In A Best Buy SuperBowl Ad [USATODAY]

5 Foot Lizard Wanders Into A California Neighborhood [AJC]

Mother Jailed After Lying About Her Residence So Her Kids Could Go To Better Schools [WEWS]

10 Keys For A Successful CD Release Party [MUSICTHINK]

Old Photos Of Celebrities From When They Were Young And/Or In High School [BOSSIP]

John Travolta Meets With John Gotti, Jr At A Restaurant About Playing The Role As The ‘Teflon Don’ [TMZ]

25 Years After The Challenger Explosion, Space Is Still Dangerous [NPR]

Oprah’s Half Sister’s House [TMZ]

Jewish Hockey Player Sues Team For Harassment [CNN]

Charles Barkley Says He’s No Longer Interested In Running For Public Office [TMZ]

Social Security Fund May Be Empty By 2037 [AJC]

7 Internet Sins That Could Make You Go Viral [CNN]

Smugglers With A Medieval Catapult Arrested At The U.S./ Mexico Border [REUTERS]

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