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The BLITZ – 2/10/11 The Xtra Green Roast Edition

Time For The Morning BLITZ!! Grab Your Special Brewed Coffee & check out the news & information & video from around the globe after the jump……It’s The BLITZ!

Lindsay Lohan Pleads Not Guilty To Felony Grand Theft

Displaced Super Bowl XLV Ticket Holders File $5 Million Dollar Lawsuit

More Cities Are Using Video Surveillance

7 Things Howard Stern Can Teach You About Business

Why Apple May Kill The ipod Classic

Magic Johnson Named New Chairman At Vibe Magazine & Associated Media

The Assassination Attempts Against George W. Bush And Bill Clinton

Michelle Obama Visits Atlanta

Minnesota Vikings Will Use Lotto Money To Fund New Stadium

Will Philadelphia Eagles Backup QB Kevin Kolb Go To Arizona?

Apple’s ipad2 Is Now In Production

China Rejects Any Role In Egypt’s Crisis

Egypt’s Military-Industrial Complex

President Obama’s Big Bet On High Speed Rail

Hawaiian Pilots Spot A Whale With A Broken Back

Belgian Legistlators Call On Women To Invoke A Sex Strike To Get The Government Back To Work

Is Porn Ruining Sex For Men?

The Top 22 Likely Causes Of Death

Verizon Launches Their iphone4 Today But With A Few Catches

Former Chicago Bear William ‘The Refrigerator” Perry Is Dying From Alcohol Abuse

Woman Dies After Getting A ‘Butt Injection’

Donald Trump Says He’s ‘Seriously Thinking’ About Running For President

Are Smartphones Leading To The Death Of PCs?

Pain Can Be Reduced By Changing What You Look At

Cuba Used To Have The Slowest Internet Speeds In The World, But Things Are Changing There

Robots To Get Their Own Internet?

WikiLeaks: Saudi Arabia Overstated Their Oil Reserves

The Latest From Flavor Flav’s New Chicken Restaurant ‘FFC’

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