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The BLITZ – 2/3/11 Countdown To SuperBowl XLV: Thursday Edition

It’s the Morning Media BLITZ!!! News & Information from around The World…. Turkey Bacon, Eggs, OJ, & Wheat Toast….Jump in!

Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison Says The NFL Isn’t About Safety….It’s About Money

WikiLeaks Nominated For Nobel Prize

UFO Hovers Over Jerusalem

Anderson Cooper Gets Attacked Live On Camera While Reporting From Egypt

Joe Francis, Founder Of ‘Girls Gone Wild’, Indicted For Millions Of Dollars In Gambling Debt

Halle Berry’s Child Custody Case Gets ‘Racial’

Who Will Own ‘Harlem’ If African Americans Become A Minority There?

Steve Wonder To Be Inducted In The Apollo Theater’s Hall Of Fame

Unreleased ipad 2 Discovered at Daily Event

Minorities Accounted For 85% Of The United States Population Growth In the Census

Mariah Carey’s Twins? The Other ones

How To Deal With Complainers

AT&T’s iphone4 Vs. Verizon’s iphone4

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Suggested The NFL Have A 22 Game Season?!

SuperBowl Foods: The Sloppy Ben Rothlisburger

When It Comes To Human Rights Critics Say Obama Is All Talk

The Man Behind The Pittsburgh Steelers

6 ExoPlanets Discovered Near A Star In Our Galaxy

The White Stripes Are Calling It Quits

Rapper Juelz Santana Charged Wtih Drug & Weapons Offenses

Hugh Jackman Training & Changing His Diet For New Wolverine Movie

The World’s First iPad Only Newspaper Launches

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